Jan 18, 2011


General. All - a reminder that Dave Hudson will run a row clinic from around 0615 tmw at the bubble.

0530 and 0600 class

Front Squat

ADV(3-3-2-2-1-1) INT(3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)


AMRAP (BEG: 8min, INT: 10min, ADV: 12 min) of

300m run/row,
10x knees to elbows,
15x Back Extensions

Open Gym

"Four Wise Men"

5 Rounds For Time

3x Muscle Ups
6x Forward Roll 
9x Handstand Pushups (HSPU)
12x Pistol

Some snapshots of the damage from the buddy WOD last Friday.


james said...

Greg - the article I talked about today - http://journal.crossfit.com/2010/11/hayleybreathing.tpl

easterlr said...

Are those pistols 12 per leg, or 12 total?

james said...

for you Ryan 12 per leg

Dave said...

Neal, are you trying to kill me?

I'll be selling tickets tomorrow morning for the WOD that will come to be known as "Watch Dave Flop Around the Bubble"...proceeds to benefit the Dave Hudson memorial.

Greg said...

Totally humbling this morning, just when I thought I was making progress. Lots of work to do on MUs, HSPUs, and Pistols. Thanks for the challenge this morning Neal.

James, thanks for the article.

Noah said...

16:49. Can't do pure dead hang MUs, but with a little 'jump' was able to knock em out. Tried to keep the pistols from turning into horizontal pullups where my arms were doing more than just balance.

stimey1975 said...

Thanks for this morning, Neal. I'm humbled at what you guys and Laura do every morning.
Can't wait for tomorrow.


Rich said...

approx 25:00 this morning. I subbed 2:1 MU transitions for MUs. I'm with you Greg....lots of work. I subbed 24 squats for 12 pistols.

james said...

Same time as Rob + - 10 seconds - not rxed though as I only did three rounds of forward rolls as they made me want to vomit - subbed free standing handstands for the last two rounds.

Hoys said...

many subs....

did mu, rolls as rx'd

HSPU started on the wall, by rnd 3-5 was using bands

did pistols holding a band


Neal said...

Can't believe I haven't been fired from programming after this morning. That was incredibly humbling...I scaled like a mug...22:47.

Did MUs as rx'd...kinda. My left shoulder/trap wouldn't allow me to lock completely out so can't really count those, I guess. I also did 45 second static handstands instead of 9 reps. Did pistols on top of a box or beside the bar.

Get fired up for another Buddy WOD this Friday! Spread the word and bring a friend.

Rob said...

19:48 with scaled pistols on R-ankle; my R-ankle has very little flexibility and when I squat on my R-leg my body physically shifts to the left and I loose balance; when doing pistols on R-leg I held a small KB out to my front as a counter balance; it worked very well; front rolls were horrible as testified by everyone else

easterlr said...

Omitted the forward rolls after landing flat on my back six times for the first two rounds. Did 12 pistols per leg per round.

Time: 21:28

Those pistols are making me have problems with things like walking and standing. James, today incorporated 2 of my "goats." (pistols, HSPU) Consider them smoked. Nice.

Dave said...

Don't know time...forgot to stop my watch (which I had taken off). Doesn't really matter, as this turned into an exercise in skills development (HSPU, Pistols, and Muscle Ups).

Is there a technique to the forward roll so as to NOT be dizzy with each rep?

Most folks who were looking for the rowing clinic had to jet before I could get it started. 0615 doesn't seem to be an ideal time. For those who were looking for it (Bill, Dionne, Elizabeth, and Laura are the ones I'm tracking, but anyone else is also welcome)...how is a 0515 or 0530 start time sometime next week? Any day better than another? Again, it will be 20-30 minutes. We'll try to work around the WOD schedule.

stimey1975 said...

I know that Laura was interested and we RIP out workouts this weekend. She arrives at 0500 most times so 0515 would work for her.