Jan 17, 2011

011811 TUESDAY


Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011, will be the last opportunity for this batch of orders for the Iron Major “Hoodie” Sweatshirt. If you wish to order a “Hoodie” sweatshirt, please do so NLT 1800 Wed. As of 1800 Wed, the link to the online order form will be closed.

Those who have ordered a “Hoodie” Sweatshirt already should receive an email from Rich NLT 2000 Tues, 18 Jan, confirming your order. If your order is not correct, or if you ordered a shirt online and do not get a confirmation email from Rich NLT 2000 Tues, please contact Rich immediately at rich.martin@us.army.mil or rich.martin95@gmail.com.
Rich is going to turn the order in NLT Friday 21 Jan and we should receive the shirts NLT 31 Jan.

0530 and 0600 Class

BEG: 3, INT: 4, ADV: 5x Rnds for time (95/65): 10x Romanian Deadlifts, 10x Hang Power Cleans, 10x Push Press, 10x snatch


Skill Development: Handstand Pushup

Open Gym

Power Snatch (115/80)
Kettlebell Swing (KBS) (53/35)
Knees to Elbows

For those learning Handstand Pushups see the video for some helpful progressions.


Dave said...

So, do we want music for tomorrow (Tuesday)?

Rich said...

Sure, why not.

Rich said...

25:41. I scaled to 85 for the snatches...and they about killed me.

Dave said...

23:22 Rxd. Great workout. Not sure if it was the snatches or KTE that slowed me more.

Chasing Rob kept me under 25:00 probably, and 24:00 definitely. Nice job.

Reminder: tomorrow I will be running a row clinic at 0615. Should last about 20-30 minutes. Will definitely be done before 0700, barring any "additional instruction" requested.

james said...

22.06 Rxed

Gary P said...

80# snatch--26:06

No workouts since Wednesday because of travel (not a good excuse I know) and I could tell.

Rob said...

18:56 as Rx'd

Neal said...

Took it easy today, but glad to be back in the mix.

Subbed Cleans for Snatches and scaled to 55 lbs. Scaled KBS to 35 lbs. 16:47.

Great to have Bryan out today!

stimey1975 said...

Thanks for today fellas. See you tomorrow.


scantlinohana said...

30:28 as rxd. Actually enjoyed the knees2elbows. I got more done without stopping on the later sets!