Jan 13, 2011

011410 FRIDAY

0530 and 0600 class


BEG:3, INT:4, ADV:5 rounds for time

400m run/row
15x overhead squats (95/65)

Open Gym

The Buddy Bear WOD

Each member of the buddy team will complete 4 rounds for time:
500m Row
50m Bear Crawl
Bear Complex (95/65)
First, the morning crew will form into as many 3-member teams as needed. The first member of the team will row 500m for time. Simultaneously, the second member of the team will complete as many 50m Bear Crawls and the third member of the team will complete as many Bear Complexes as possible…both until the first member is complete with the 500m row. When the first member completes the 500m row, all three members of the team will rotate. The rower will rotate to the Bear Crawl, the Bear Crawler to the Bear Complex, and the Bear Complex to the rower. Once each team member has completed four rounds of all three events, their team time will stop. Once time stops, each team will calculate the total number of Bear Crawls and Bear Complexes completed and multiply that number by 4 (seconds). Each team will then subtract that number of seconds from their team’s time to get their final time.

OK, so a little confusing, but you get the picture. Show up tomorrow morning and join the fun. Neal will brief the concept again at 0530 and we’ll get started around 0535-0540. Dave will be rockin the Bubble with his latest mix, so for no other reason, come on out and enjoy the Lollapalooza-type atmosphere! 

A Bear Complexs is Power Clean, Front Squat, Push-Press, Back Squat, Push-Press. The video states a number of rules which we will use as our rules (there might be penalties for breaking them - but that will be Neal's surprise in the morning) . Don't worry about the rounds on the video etc. For our WOD one athlete does as many rounds as possible with the 95lb/65lb barbell while the other two row and bear crawl.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds fun! Thanks for bringing the tunes Dave, definitely keeps the motivation going.

Dave said...

Just a note...might have a bit of an issue. We have 6 working ergs (rowers). Both WODs (0530/0600 classes and open gym) are using rowers...and the open gym one will have someone from each team on a rower at all times.

One thing that will help - we have two rowing machines that are "broken"...one "on line" that wasn't recording anything being rowed (for the XFL WOD), and one against the wall on the other side of the gym. It MIGHT just be a battery issue (as was the issue with the "tall" erg). I'm not sure what type the shorter ergs take. So, if you've got some batteries (up to and including D's), bring them in in the morning. I only have a few AAA and AA.

Nothing like getting a long post in BEFORE the WOD!

Neal said...

Dave et al,
I spoke with Jamie this morning and he was gracious enough to adjust the 0530/0600 WODs from row/run to double unders and/or single unders (although I failed to communicate that with James in order to update it on the post for tonight). So, from that perspective, rower availability should not be an issue. Still need to "give some love" to the "broken" rowers, though. Bottom line, I think we'll be all right for our WOD in the morning. I'll be there early to adjust if need be.


james said...

sounds like a good day to push for an all in WOD between both ends of the gym

Noah said...

Not sure our math (or execution) were IAW the rules but this is what we got...Darryl and I did a two man version that took 28:10, we subtracted 3:08 for our bear impersonations for a grand total of 25:02. We were not sure if down and back counted as one bear crawl or two, we counted them as one. When one of us was not on the rower we just did the other two exercises for two minutes. Regardless, we were both spent by the time it was over and enjoyed the workout. Amazing how 1:50 on a rower can feel like 15:00.

james said...

Out team Matt, Wilson and I - adjusted time 18:56. Shout out to Wilson and Matt for making me look good!!

Elizabeth said...

That was a hard core WOD, not quite as "fun" as i thought. Dave, thanks for helping me on that last row... Laura and I are headed to High Noon Saloon tonight if anyone wants to join, there's a band (some guys from CGSC) Playing and we were going to have a few beers and shoot some pool.

Rob said...

TEAM PPR (Paul, Phil, Rob) adjusted time was 25:08 with no burpee penalties.

Great job by Paul as this was just his third time at the bubble and doing CrossFit.

I talked to Shelly Eash (asst manager at Harney)and she said the bubble would be open on Monday with the same hours as Harney; 0800 - 1800.

Hoys said...

I have an unofficial Team Bear Killer time of 28 min. Team BK included myself, Chris and Greg.

Great team WOD, Neal!


Dave said...

Team Dave and Rich 15:00 (adjusted). Don't remember the raw score...Rich might.

Due to the morning crew having one person short of having a number divisible by 3, it was just Rich and me. (That's the second Team WOD in a while. I think Rich and I are starting to develop a complex.)

See you all on Tuesday, as I'm home in Fayetteville with my beautiful bride and our 3 little girls till Monday afternoon!

Dave said...

On a totally separate note...

As you all know, we've been trying to work in an Oly Lifting specialty cert, but it's looking less and less like it's going to happen this (school) year at IMCF. (Note that is NOT official...just RUMINT at this point.) I know that Rob has gotten his Oly Lift Cert, and can speak to its efficacy.

HOWEVER, there are two options out there. First, there is one 9-10 April in Springfield, MO...about a 3.5-hour trip by google maps. I'm considering doing this one. Was wondering if there is anyone else who is interested in going (and sharing driving and rooming, as that's just a little too far to not room there, as it's a two-day cert). No, I don't know if Coach Burgener will be at that particular one, but I know that he does MOST of them. Cost (for the cert itself) will be $595 (minus the military discount I THINK).

The other option (really only for the folks who are just getting here, SAMS guys, and permanent party) is that Combat CrossFit (in Liberty, MO...yeah, the folks who just spanked us on the XFL WOD this week) are hosting one 15-16 October. I know that I won't be around for that one, but others will.

Both are still open (have slots available), but could honestly fill up at any time.

Let me know if you're interested and we'll talk...either post to this page, or, more preferred, write me at palerower(at)gmail.com