Jan 12, 2011


General. The Again Faster "beat the team competition" continues WOD 14 is this week. Link up with Dave Hudson if you are interested.

Dave will also run a row clinic next Wednesday at 0615 at Harney. These clinics make you fast, and we know fast is good and fast is right to paraphrase Gordon Gecko.

 0530 and 0600 class

Shoulder Press ADV(3-3-3-2-2-2)        INT (3-3-3-2-2)           BEG (3-3-3)


Skill Development: double unders.

Open gym


5 Rnds for Max Reps
Body Weight Bench Press

*Rest exactly 2 minutes between rounds


james said...

okay - I will take a 50 burpee penalty for poor staff duties on the first draft of tonight's post.

Rich said...

Don't forget; if you don't have a sweatshirt, and want one, use the link on the main page and put your order in. I'm going to cut the orders off mid-week next week to get the order in.

scantlinohana said...

155# for 7/9; 6/6; 5/6; 7/6; & 5/5

james said...

175 for 13/30 10/15 7/15 6/13 5/15 total 130

Noah said...

135 on the bench, dead hang pullups. 6/11, 7/7, 5/6, 5/5, 5/4.

Rich said...
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Rich said...

155 on each round of bench. Reps with pull ups: 7/14, 5/14, 6/14, 6/12, 3/9. Total:90

Greg said...

185 - 10/10, 8/10, 6/10
175 - 6/5(Bands for 5 more)
165 - 6/5 (Bands for 5 more)
Total of 96

Thanks for the help with DUs this morning Rich, now I just have to apply the knowledge.

Mark said...

Working toward competing in the KC Winter Open weightligting meet on the 22nd.
Today was 80% x 1 x 5 SN/CJ/FS
followed by 250m row 25 pushups, 3 rounds no rest. I've been following the oly lift/mini metcon formula for two weeks now with good results. Coach B gave me the oly program, I'm making up the mini-metcon or borrowing from Greg Everett's Performance Menu. Busted out a PR in the SN & CJ. Hungry all the time!

Rob said...

175lbs on BP


I tried the butterfly pull up and it went really well on RD 1 & 2 and then tapered off heavy in RD3-5. I need more technique work
I appreciate the help/encuoragement this morning from Bill, Dionne, and Neal - awesome WOD!

Foundations coach's clinic went well. As a group we got through air squat, shoulder press, SDHP, and MBC. We'll convene again next Thursday at 0630. We could use a few more coaches for the Foundations class.

Dave said...

Did the AF Beat the Team to Win WOD (#2 for January, #14 overall). This is what it was, for those of you who were wondering:

8 min AMRAP
Ladder of
2pd KBS (1.5pd for women)
95# Thruster (65# for women)
(Note that unlike many ladders that we do, it was to get as many rounds - or rungs - as possible in the 8 mins, rather than 1/1 on the first minute, 2/2 on the second minute.)

I got 8 rounds plus 2 KBS into my 9th round/rung. I got my first three rounds in just about a minute...and it went downhill from there.

Only problem is that for the competition, there was a minimum you had to get before your score even qualified, and that was 9 full rounds, so I'm out of this month's competition. (Each month is a 3-WOD series.)

Oh, well. It was still a good suck.

Will still do the 3rd WOD when it's posted next week, at least if it fits in with the programming.

Bill and Zoran...great work this morning on the practice teaching.

Hoys said...

15/30, 9/20, 6/15, 6/14, 6/14 for 135.