Jan 11, 2011


0530 and 0600 class

Front Squat ADV (3-3-3-2-2-2) INT (3-3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)


BEG: 12-9-6, INT: 15-12-9, ADV: 21-15-9:

KB Swings (55/35),

Open Gym

Clean and Jerk



League WOD !!!

For max row distance:

In a five minute time limit perform 50 burpees then row as far as you can. Your rowing score will not count unless you complete the 50 burpees first.

The standards for burpees are here. For your score to count in the Midwest CrossFit league you need to have a Level 1 coach from IMCF score you (there are thousands of coaches - post on the blog if you want to link up with one at a non standard time).

Get on it.


james said...

If you are serious about the League WOD - noting we are completing against the midwest affiliates then you might want to do it before the CJ. Its a good warmup anyway.

J. O'B said...

John O'Brien here. I graduated last June so most of you don't know me. I just wanted to share some good news from Ft Stewart. Caro Gym just reopened after a 6 month renovation. The basketball court area has now been converted for functional fitness and combatives. It's a pretty good setup and will continue to get better over time. Something to look forward to for any of you who are destined for Stewart. Take care.

Rich said...

For the XFL WOD- if you are serious about it, post your times and/or send me an email and I'll get them posted to the league. We will submit the best two males and two females representing IMCF. We have a few folks from CFR doing the WOD under the IMCF flag! Good luck and see you in the morning.

Greg said...

Does the Bubble opens at 0500 in the morning?

Rob said...

I just called SDO and even though the schools are closed post is running on a regular schedule. I will assume that the bubble will open at 0500; I will be there areound 0515

John - Good to hear from you. We've had a physical transformation ourselves since you left. We finally moved over to the bubble gym and it's terrific. While not perfect, it's a far cry from what we had in Harney and Gruber. Due to the cost of heating Garrison recently closed it on weekends and nightly at 1800. Other than that we are firing on all cylinders. Have you kept in contct with Nick? I thought he posted once from Ft. Bragg.

Gary P said...

441 meters on the burpees/row WOD.

115 for all sets of clean and jerk

Laura said...

140 meter row (can't believe I got to the row)
75 clean (missed the jerk part, blonde moment)
Awesome WOD, think I will try AMAP burpees in 3mins at home to help me get up to par.

james said...

Really good to see everyone's motivation for the league WOD today.

546 meter row.

175, 175 185, 185, 195 on the clean and jerk

Greg said...

512m on the Row, I was feeling the blood in my longs after this one. Great WOD!

izzy192 said...

233m row on the WOD. Think I will try this one again and to try and beat my score. Hopefully Dave's clinic next week will help improve my form on the row.

Rich said...

In the 450M range this morning. I was ok with my burpee time; but I had no gas on the row. Work in progress. 115 on C&Js this morning. Not too impressive.

I checked on T-shirts today...the Foundations store has none, and the business manager is not here today. She should be back tomorrow; I'll re-attack tomorrow and take the lead in getting them to re-stock. They may ask for a demand---anyone wanting a T-shirt let me know, and I can use that as the planning factor. More to follow.

Dave said...

477m on the Burpee/Row WOD. Would have been better if I had more than 1:30 (a little less). Darn (I mean yay!) burpees...though I was happy with them, as I always kept moving and didn't have to stop to catch my breath. Held a sub-1:35 500m avg for most of the row.

95-115-155-175-195(F on Jerk),175(2)

Need to work on Jerk.

Props to everyone. James, Wilson, and Rob...really wish I could move as fast as you guys.

Hoys said...

492m on burpee/row;

115, 135, 155, 155f, 155 on clean and jerk

J. O'B said...

Rob - I keep in touch with Nick on fb. He is at Bragg. He's still crossfitting and he also has a new baby girl now. I've continued to follow IMCF programming so it's been great to watch the program grow. You guys have really taken to the next level. Keep up the great work and give my regards to Mr Monroe.

Bill said...

Rich, you can put me down for 3 or 4 XL T Shirts. We are going to send one back to our old gym in Savannah, GA. They want to hang in up in the gym

Rob said...

Either 708m or 718m on the row, I couldn't determine throught the double vision I was experiencing. I got good feedback on the burpees as previously I don't think I've 'covered the ears'. It was much harder.

165, 165, 175, 175 (did one at 195and got it but I compromised form so I dropped back to 175), 175

Laura, Dionne, Elizabeth - if I am not at the bubble on Friday will you let Darcel know that the Foundations class is not this Saturday; it's next Saturday, 22 Jan 11. I would also ask that you encourage her to attend.

Laura said...

Rob sounds good, I'll let her know next time I see her.

Elizabeth said...

700+ ..... Rob your a legend! We will pass on the message

Dionne said...

Rob- will do.

J. O'B- Just came from Fort Stewart. Have you checked out either Crossfit Coastal Empire in Richmond Hill or Crossfit Hyperformance in Savannah?

J. O'B said...

Dionne - I have heard of both of them but haven't checked them out. There's also a new box in Hinesville now.

Rich said...

Rob- your score was 718. Excellent work. OK...I need some last names for Wilson, Elizabeth and Dionne so I can log them in for our XFL Wod.

Oh, my distance was 460....less than impressive in a post paired with 718!

Great work this morning to all....I'll get the word out a bit better for the next one.....26 JAN!!

Bill said...

Rich, and J O'B:

Rich, it is Dionne Smith.

J O'B- I know Savannah is a few miles away from FSGA but Crossfit Hyperformance is a great place. Tell Jennifer and Drew we said hi. They are great coaches.

Rob said...

Rich - Wilson's last name is Hopkins

james said...

Elizabeth Ries