Jan 9, 2011

011011 MONDAY

General.  Overhead Squat Clinic at 0530 for anyone who is interested.

0530 and 0600 class


ADV(3-3-3-2-2-2) INT (3-3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)



(BEG 12-9-6    INT 15-12-9  ADV 21-15-9)

Overhead Squats (BEG:55/35, INT 75/55, ADV 95/65)

Open Gym

"Hairy Tongue"

AMRAP 20 minutes

5x Chest to Bar (C2B) Pull-up
10x Ring Dip
15x OHS (95/65)

One of the great pictures taken by Joseph and Chris on Friday. I have uploaded the pictures to picasa. If you would like to see more email me at james.davis143@us.army.mil and I will send you the link.


Noah said...
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Noah said...

SNOW DAY!? Saw Leavenworth USD cancelled classes for Mon 1/10, snow coming down steadily srill...looks like a basement workout coupled with a snow shovel workout in the driveway! What is the CF standard for snow shoveling?

Gary P said...

85# on OHS for first two rounds then down to 65#. "Regular" dips in place of rings. Took me a minute or so over twenty to finish round 7 as I had 5 dips and 4 OHS left. I had to break up dips on the 6th and 7th rounds so that is why two exercises were shy. Plus I ran to and from the gym today (about a mile each way).

james said...

Noah - http://vimeo.com/8400372

9 rounds 5 pullups and four dips today - the dips killed me.

What do people think about subbing showshoeing for running in any WODS

Noah said...

Did a modified WOD for the basement...20 minutes of regular (dead hang) pullups, coffee table dips and OHS with an ~15lb gun barrel. Still holding out hope for a total school canx rather than this measly 2 hour slide...

james said...

if anyone can get a handle on the opening time for Harney gym tmw - it might be helpful for planning purposes.

Dionne said...

James- on the Fort Leavenworth website under Road Conditions it says that DFMWR activities will open 2 hours later on 11 Jan.

Rob said...

8rds with HSPU sub for ring dips

I called the SDO and they report a 2-hr delay i.e. all gyms open up at 0700 because of the 2-hr delay. However, when I called the SDO at 0500 this morning they reported a 0700 open time for all gyms and we know that wasn't the case. I called Harney and didn't get an answer. Living on post I will show up at 0515 and adjust fire.

Dave said...

4 rnds, 3 CTB pullups. First two rounds Rxd, then had to scale OHS to 75#.

Yeah, this one sucked. Hit my weakness - upper body, in general - pretty hard.

Dave said...

Pretty good video at this link...I think we all can say that we've "been there."


james said...

although today most of the harney staff were committed before the 0700 announcement start hit the streets at around 0400.

Steve said...

Rxed - 5 Rounds + 5 Ring Dips.

Rich said...

5 rounds, plus pull ups and dips of round 6. I don't think I have ever wanted a workout to end as much as I wanted this one to end today. Yet another weakness I need to work on....OHS! I thought I was doing pretty good last week, but this morning, Dave and Jim pointed out several flaws, and I tried to correct them to the end that I dropped to 65lbs. Even then I was way forward on my toes, not locked on my arms, etc, etc. Rough, rough, rough.

Hoys said...

6 rnds complete w/75# OHS sub; pull ups and dips for done for rnd 7 when time expired.

James, thanks for the class on OHS...worked out some more demons. I'll bump up the weight next OHS wod.