Jan 3, 2011

010411 TUESDAY


CFHQ have released some more info regarding the Crossfit games - I have posted it on "IMCF - the road to the games."

0530 and 0600 Class

AMRAP 20 min:

10x Plyo push ups,
10x GHD sit ups,
10x ring dips


Skill development: The kipping pullup.

Open gym

10 Rounds for Time
5x Hand Stand Push Ups
8x DL (225/155)

For more info on handstand pushups go here. Or watch some variations as demonstrated by Annie below.


Jamie Z said...

There is a 400m Run / Row added to the Class AMRAP...otherwise we will be toasted after the first 5 minutes....

Laura said...

That chick was dope. Something to inspire to!

james said...

Annie is one of my all time favourites - google Annie Sakamoto if you want more.

8.34 rxed this morning. Hats off to Rob for doing parallette HPSU this morning.

Dave said...

13:46 scaled for the HSPU; first three rounds with a 45# plate underneath; failed on last rep, then went to the bands.

Bill and Dionne - thanks for pushing me again. Careful, you might be the charter members of Dave's cheering section.

Rob, you're an animal.

Hoys said...

As I thought, this was a James wheelhouse WOD...definitely not for me.

Scaled to 185# on DL, did the first 2.5 rounds on the wall for HSPU but the remainder on the bands with a 3 for 1.


Feeling better on DL form.

Rich said...

I think I was around 14:00ish. I accidently reset my clock before I wrote it down. Scaled to 165 for DL. I did all of my HSPU unassisted against the wall, which was pretty motivating for me. I didn't have the range of motion I would like to have had, but, I've improved to do that many attempts free-standing, so I'm happy.

Noah said...

20:15. No way could I do 50 HSPU, especially when sandwiched between sets of DLs so I subbed pullups (2:1). DL was 135#.

Rob said...

8:52 as Rx'd

I worked on free hand stand with Chad again; the feedback this time was to keep my feet together as they were drifting up to 6 inches apart; it immediately made a difference; I can hold for 5 - 15 seconds, but most of that time is spent somewhat 'walking' in an effort to not fall over; however I was able to stick one 10-second period where I didn't drift

Another good group this morning. Our morning numbers keep growing. You will see some advertisment soon for the Saturday 22 Jan foundations class. With the new year it's a good time to encourage your friends/family/neighbors to get started with crossfit.

Neal said...

12:29 as rx'd.

Shout out to Rob and James...you guys were smokin!!