Jan 2, 2011

010311 MONDAY

0530 and 0600 Class


ADV(5-5-5-3-3-3)                 INT (5-5-5-3-3)                    BEG (5-5-5)


BEG: 1, INT: 2, ADV: 3x Rnds for time of:

10x Burpees,
10x Thrusters (BEG: 55/35, INT: 75/55, ADV: 95/65),
20x Reverse Lunges,
400m run / row 

Open Gym


Four Rounds for Time

600 m row
7 Thrusters @ 135
14 Toes to Bar
21 barbell hop (hop over your 135# barbell is one rep)


Rich said...

Morning Crew- I won't be able to make it in the morning- but I'll make this one up later.

James- when you get a few- can you give me a call?

Hoys said...

21:22 w/ 115# scale on thrusters.

also had to run 400m+ on rnd two due to the full on crew meet we had this am. Great to see the bubble so packed.

james said...

25:26 Rxed - I impressed that the WOD keep me on the edge of puking for 21 of the 25 minutes.

Noah said...

26:54, scaled to 95# thrusters. 11:30 for first two rounds, 15+ mins for rounds three and four, completely ran out of gas in round four. Good start to the New Year though.

Gary P said...

24:50ish with 95# thrusters. I must have squeezed the button on my watch on toes to bar and had to get my time from Rob after he came back from a run interval. He gave me 25:38 but I had started my watch to know how much to subtract when I realized he was out of the building. So the time is an estimate purposefully to the high side.

Dave said...

35:22. The TTB absolutely killed me...none unbroken, and by the last round, I was having to do 1 at a time, missing multiple reps when trying to do more than 1.

Big thanks to both Dionne and Bill for cheering me on/pushing me through.

It was definitely a first for me...though I had danced with Pukie's cousin McHeaver a few times, never actually met the man himself until today. Don't I get t-shirt or something?

First time doing thrusters over 95#. Tough, but not the long pole in the tent.

Also, for those who are interested, Again Faster's 1st competition WOD for January has been posted - http://www.againfaster.com/beat-the-team-to-win/

Neal is planning on having this for one of our WODs Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I'll have my recorder, so if anyone wants to throw their hat in the ring, I'll record and submit it.

Rob said...

25:47 as Rx'd...kind of; I did 21 x toes to bar instead of 14! I just had it in my head to do 21 T2B and 21 barbell hops and so I did; I also had to do one 400m run because the rowers were all busy; 135lb thrusters are a challenge - got 7 the first time and then sets of 4 and 3

Bill - the 95lb video works but the butterfly pull ups didn't

Neal said...

22:16 as Rx'd.

We'll do the Again Faster WOD (Dave mentioned in his post above) on Wednesday...should be fun. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Dave.

Jamie Z said...

First time posting here. I will attempt to not outdo Dave with the longest posts. Did the Class WOD today for the following:
Deadlifts (ADV)5x 315, 5x 315, 5x 335, 3x 345, 3x 345, 3x 345. I executed the METCON of 3x Rnds of 10x Burpees, 10x 95 lb Thrusters, 20x 95lb Reverse Lunges, and 400m run in 19min.

scantlinohana said...

37:46 with rds 1&2 at 135# thrusters and rds 3&4 at 75#

Steve said...

21:05 Rxed.