Dec 20, 2010

TUESDAY 122110

Kettlebell Fran

21-15-9 of

35lbs kettlebell thruster
ring pull up

There are a few ideas about how to do KB thrusters - so you can go swing then one armed or two armed double KB. The Jeff Martone CF standard is two armed double KB.

Post time to comments.

Resource constrained for travellers:

For time:
100 - 75 - 50
APFT push ups


james said...

interesting to see how this goes with two 35lb KB

Bill said...

is there going to be enough 35# KB's in the gym?

Rob said...

Bill - Depending on how many show up, we may not be able to do everyone at the same time. But this isn't a very long WOD so we'll just do a couple of iterations and we'll all still be complete by 0600.

Phil B said...

james, i tried this a couple months ago with two 55#KB's and ring pullups and it completely broke me off. it took a while and the intensity suffered. hopefully i can scrounge some 35#'s tomorrow and try this version. thanks for the pic this weekend. hope ya'll are doing well. still bouncing around family for another couple of weeks.

james said...

thanks for the tip Phil

Bill - we can use dumbells as well for a similar effect

james said...

5.59 great crew this morning. Shout out to Rob, Neal and Stewart for the coaching session afterwards.

Inspiring to see Iron Major's wodding across the US yesterday. Maintain the rage.

Noah said...

I was full of rage this morning in Parkville, MO! 7:00 using 25 vice 35#s. Too bad that in a few weeks our class schedule has to once again get in the way of our workouts, I could get used to this not working thing. How much longer 'til retirement?

Neal said...

4:37...yep, great crew this morning. I love it when people yell at me while doin the's way motivating.

Props to James, Rob, and Stewart for lots of good coaching afterwards.

Greg said...

Had a good workout at the Y again. Had to improvise a little, I used 35lb dumbbells, 5:12. They did not have rings so I did regular pull-ups instead. Missing the bubble, loving the no work.

Merry Christmas!!

Rich said...

Had a bit of a setback on the knee this morning. With the shot yesterday, after doing some DUs, then a warm up of squats, the knee was pretty sore. So, I elected to do MU progressions and sit-ups. I feel like I cheated this morning, with the rest of the crew doing KB Fran and me loafing on the side. Oh well. The progressions were OK...but I could have done something more intense. I could use some coaching from anyone willing for something more intense when I can't go on the knee.

james said...

Greg - smoking time brother!!

Phil B said...

at the in-laws so did the squat-pushup combo. the pushups were really humbling. 17:53. that's right, almost 18 minutes. thank you muscle failure.

Rob said...

5:15 as Rx'd

I underestimated being able to do the kip in the ring pull up. I've not practiced it previously and assumed it would come as natrual as on the bar. Obviously I couldn't get the push away at the top of the pull up so I had very little momentum to move myself back up. Thus, my kipping took a large amount of strength at the bottom to get back up. In the latter part of rd-15 and all through rd-9 this translated into sets of 2 or 1.

Did clean work this morning with help from crew mentioned above. The best work was drills with PVC and then execution with 65lbs. Collectively I think we're getting good feedback, especially when Stewart jumps in.

Phil - I will assume that you did CTDRHAB push ups and that's what humbled you. If not, you might want to re-do the WOD with the correct push up technique! How's the beard coming?

George - Are you on leave or what? Isn't there a box in C. Springs or San Diego? Too many days away from the flag pole makes you weak!

Hoys said...

did the squat push up wod: 8:17

about 50 secs faster than last time doing this one.... not a terrible sub to fran, but not fran.

I'm building my home away from home box in florida in an abandoned building of my in-laws... the rings and pull up bar go up tomorrow! Will work in some cinder blocks at some point.

Phil, yes, that must have been Chest to deck push ups making that a significantly different WOD.

keep rocking the bubble! Jim

Gary P said...

9:32 switched from ring pullups to regular pullups for the 15 and 9 rounds. two 35# kettlebells were wearing out my arms by the end.