Dec 31, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

Hi- welcome to 2011.

I apologise upfront that there isn't a single New Years resolution on this website. If it needs to be done then there is no need to wait to New Year - take a small step towards a goal the moment you conceive it and drive on hard from there.

There is new stuff for 2011. In no particular order these are:

New 0530 and 0600 Classes.  Jamie and Jack will be running these classes, you don't need to book or anything crazy just turn up and introduce yourself. The programming will be a little more structured than the regular IMCF workouts and will be posted on the webpage right after the IMCF 'open gym workout'. These classes have been established because CrossFit Results will no longer be conducting classes at 0530 and 0600. (They will continue to run the 0900 class, CrossFit kids and afternoon class at the Riverfront centre)

Xfit League. Four Mid West affiliates including IMCF have got together to run a fortnightly CrossFit league. Every Wednesday one of the affiliates will be picking a short WOD which is the competition WOD for that fortnight. An example might be max box jumps in 2 minutes. Anyone in the affiliate can enter - the scoring is done on an honour system. The top two Male and Female scores from the affiliate are submitted to the league to 'compete' with the other affiliates. See for more detail (the website is gradually being developed so bear with it until the competition kicks off).

CrossFit Games.  I have posted on this before and there is a separate blog on the road to the games. No new news to update you with but I expecting more detail from CFHQ in the next week or two.

Thats it for now. I know Monday is a holiday for some but Harney will be open from 0500.

3..2.1 Go

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