Dec 18, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

Rest, fly somewhere. If you need to stop and WOD somewhere than do so like Phil B below


Rob said...

Within the near future the bubble gym hours will be changing due to attendance and cost of running the facility. The new hours will most likely be:
M - Th 0500 - 1800
Fri 0500 - 2100
Sat & Sun closed
Holidays TBD
Additionally, it's possible that during the open hours the thermostat may be turned down.

Why: Without knowing the actual cost of heating and providing lights to the bubble gym, it is reasonable to believe that it is expensive to run that facility (compared to a similar size facility that is in a hard stand). Garrison looked at the number of people using the gym from October until last week. They captured usage of the gym from the sign-in sheets (which may or may not be accurate but it's the only way to capture attendance). Comparing the cost to run the facility with how many people were using it didn't make economic sense to maintain the current hours.

For sure there will be people that will be affected, but in looking at the sign-in sheets for the last three months, it won't be many. It doesn't make it any less difficult for those impacted, but it is going to happen within the near future.

What is still unknown is:
- when this will start
- when this will end (Mar, Apr, May)
- what will holdiday hours be
- will the operating hours adjust during the hot months with AC as the issue
- will this be a permanent year round change
- can we open the gym for half of a Saturday for the Jan and Feb foundations
- will someone turn the heat back on Sunday night so that we don't have an ice box on Mondays at 0500

We are working with MWR to ensure that our Level I cert in March will not be affected. I've captured only the highlights of the discussion we've had this week. If you have any ideas, thoughts, questions, etc. feel free to bring them up. We'll do our best to answer them or raise them with MWR.

On a separate but somewhat related issue, the heat will be off this coming Wed from 0800 - 1100 for maintenance

Bill said...


I can tell you from my experience I have never signed in at the bubble (Dionne has) and I have seen many people just walk right past the sign in sheet as well. That is a mistake on my part and I will make sure I sign in every time. Just like you said, I don’t think the sign in sheet is an accurate accounting system for how many people use the gym.

Neal said...

Made up Tuesday's SP, PP, PJ WOD.

SP: 115, 125, 135
PP: 135, 155, 165
PJ: 175, 185, 195(f), 175

See you Monday morning.

George said...

made it to Fort Carson safely Thursday, got settled a little Friday and found the closest gym to the house today for a WOD. Not the best gym, but I have a lead on a better one so today's WOD was a get acclimated day. Definitely felt the altitude feeling nauseous and light headed during warm-up and after jumping rope

Warm-up: 500m row 1:55
WOD 1:
5 rds to complete
20 situps
10 back ext

WOD 2:
for time: 50 KB Swings 50#

WOD 3:
jump rope for 15 minutes; lots of work on speed and consistently was in the 10-20 range on double unders

Rob said...

Bill - You are accurate in that all of us need to make sure we sign in. Signing in now isn't going to restore the hours we are going to loose in the winter, but it's going to keep what hours we have. As we show that the bubble is used, Ft. Leavenworth leadership will see the need to keep it open.

When I looked at the numbers MWR had for usage, even if you doubled the weekend numbers (assuming half of the people did not sign in)for an entire weekend there would be less than 20 people. What we need to do is show that the hours that the bubble is opened are well used hours. That does take everyone signing in every time.

Oly lift seminar - Today's seminar was excellent. Both Coach Rodden and Martin are interested in coming back here. We only got through clean & jerk and didn't do any snatch. They are both in the KC area and making arrangements to get them back will not be hard. We need about 20 people to make it worth their while. It cost $25/person for the 2 hours. It was time and money well spent.

Becasue they are not doing this as a one-on-one session, you have to know some of the basics of the oly lifts (which I think most of us do). Coming in having some background in the technical parts of the lift puts you in a good position to benefit from what they are saying. They do teach those that are not familiar at all, but that wasn't the start point for the seminar. If we can get them back again, I think it would be a good idea that a couple days before they come to gather anyone interested for a review of the lifts.

George - good to hear from you; gotta love that altitude! It sounds like the DUs are coming along

Dave said...

Rob -

Good information, definitely. Thanks for putting that out...I'm assuming that James will also be posting this on the website when it actually does happen. (Might be a good idea to post on the main site the current hours anyway. I know that when IMCF began, it really didn't have a "home," but since the bubble has been open, it's really become "our box," while still being open to the general FTLVWTH community. Since that's where 99% of us work out, wouldn't be beyond the pale to post "our box's" hours.)

On a side note, I'm working under the assumption that there is not currently a plan to build or take over a more permanent structure for IMCF's box. I think that there WILL be a justifiable reason for this in the future, but probably not yet. (Probably more likely for it to be a vacated structure, if something like that is available...which I know is hard to come by at any post, much less a small one like FTLVNWTH.) Having said that, just like Rob said, the ONLY way we would EVER get something like that is if EVERYONE signs in EVERY time they use the gym. Please encourage all of your buds who don't read this board regularly to sign in as well.

I'd have to say that I'm a little surprised (and as a former Engineer officer) that SOMEONE didn't recognize the issues with (and cost of) temperature control for a bubble gym, particularly as cold as it gets in Kansas. (Is there ANY type of insulation that can be installed? Does anyone know?)