Dec 28, 2010


95# Suck
For time:
21, 18, 15, 12, 9 reps of:
hang power clean,
front squat,
push jerk.

Compare to last time.

Resource constrained:
With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.


Bill said...

This looks like "fun". I looked at some of the times from before, very impressive.

james said... from mainsite. The world needs maths dudes but wouldn't it be nice if some of these guys had a four minute Grace as well.

Rob said...

Some do have the whole package -brains and brawn. Check out Aime Taylor's article about how she brings her CF into her classroom. She was one of the instructors when Coach Burgener had his Oly Lift cert here last spring. Her strength and flexibility were incredible.

james said...

Well my brawn was a little lacking this morning 24.27 which is 90 seconds slower than last time. Potentially the delta is group vs individual intensity.

Club Radon said...

This was loads of fun - 28:21 - a good wod. It definitely took longer than I had hoped for. The hpcs drained me (lungs).

As to the photos - we need to think of some of the moves that are more typical to crossfit. Overhead squats and double unders are two that stick out to me. I am happy to come down at whatever time that you would like, morning or afternoon. The biggest challenge would be if there is running involved for the morning wod, as it is still dark then. The best for the morning ones would be to have everything contained in the bubble.

Of course, wall balls, box jumps, kb swings are three other good ones that I think of as being more Crossfit specific. There is pullups and pushups as well.

Let me know!


Zoran said...

I took running for yesterday's WOD, 3.2 km or 8 laps. It was very good. At the beginning I was thought that I don't have energy to do it, but with the time I was getting faster and stronger.

Today's WOD is a challenge. I'll be at the gym about 11:00. Anyone wants to join me?

JMax, about the photos. I think that photos for IMCF advertisement need to show more just the CF basic movements. They need to show PASSION, DEDICATION, SPORT, CHALLENGE, and also 10 general physical skills. I think that this is the best way to attract people.


Club Radon said...

Hi, Zoran,

I definitely agree with you and that will be what I will be attempting to capture. However, we have to decide what movements that we are going to do so I can get some of these photos. I don't think that we are going to be getting a bunch of "smiling faces", sort of thing. More of the "determined" look.

We can also get some group photos.


Greg said...

32:14 great workout.

Happy New Year!

james said...

it would be a great help if you work with Jmax and anyone else willing to help to make this video. If you want to drop in I can give you next months program so you can work out what days are suitable take take photos. I know you don't workout mornings but Friday mornings there can be 15 people wodding at once.

I am hoping Brook or someone else will know which buttons to push to get us some "air time" in Eisenhower prior to Guest Speaker events.

Zoran if you are happy to manage this program I am sure others will pile in to help.



Bill said...

26:45 this WOD was brutal, at least the FS.

Rob- As for the movement classes. You can put Dionne and I down as an AI. The only issue is that we don’t know exactly what we will be doing and what our schedule will be. Hopefully we won’t have to be at work before 0730-0800 IOT be at the prep classes.

Rob said...

Good group this morning for 95lb suck; Bill, Dionne, Laura, Elizabeth, and Ken

19:20 as Rx'd; I improved almost 2min from last time

Brook was our PAO for the KSU foundations and did a great job. There are key people within CGSC to engage for publicity 'stuff' and Brook knows them. I'm sure he could use some help to energize these folks to help us out.

Brook - if you're out there reading today I think Zoran and JMax can help get a good media campaign going.

JMax - are you interested in coming to the bubble gym this Friday to WOD with us, find a good time to film/picture, and just get acquainted? I just talked to the receptionist at Harney and the gym opens at 0800 instead of 0500 on Friday.

Noah said...

First, a clarification from yesterday. I had 27 (or 29) lengths, not laps in the pool. The English language, despite being my native tongue still frightens and confuses me.

For today, 65# was enough suck for me. 27:58.

Club Radon said...

Hi Rob, et al,

Thanks for the invite. I think that I will have to pass, as I have a fairly busy schedule. Is it possible that we could hook up through email and figure out a date that might work? Maybe if someone could send over the programming, and we see which wods might look better for the photos?


james said...

Jmax - drop me your email on here or at and I will email you and Zoran the program so you two can workout when might be best.


Zoran said...

Today I did it in 37:35 and scaled to 85lb. I was focus on technics. It was very good workout.

James, I will come on Friday morning. I will have my camera 12MP with me.

JMax, just tell me when you can come to gym and I will help you with the pics an video.

My email is: or

Just to confirm: On Friday, the bubble is open from 08:00, right?

Gary P said...

34:51 but a couple different people came up and chatted with me during the workout this morning. I lost some time, but I guess I caught my breath during the breaks. One looking for definition of push jerk and one just asking "how it was."

Rob said...

Zoran - Yes the gym opens at 0800; I talked to the staff at Harney this afternoon.

monroe said...

29:59. Can't remember the last time I did this, hope it was faster. Knowing there was an AWESOME paleo lamb curry waiting at the end of this was all that kept me goin'!

Dave said...

Did this in the YMCA in my folks' town in KY today. No bumpers (or "reg" sized 25# plates, of course). Bar was weird too..I think it was 45#, but it definitely had a thicker body; had trouble getting the hook grip in.

36:28. I attribute this most to the week+ I've had off from working out and not having anyone to push/motivate me. (I miss you guys.) Not being able to drop the iron plates and lack of chalk didn't help. Push presses felt lots heavier than 95#.