Dec 27, 2010

122810 TUESDAY

Choose one of the following sports:
Run, Bike, Swim, Row
5 min on/5 min off
4 min on/4 min off
3 min on/3 min off
2 min on/2 min off
1 min on/1 min off
All efforts are "all out"
Post sport and distances to comments.

Some helpful reminders on row technique from Dave Hudson below.


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

I got this up early so folks can figure out where, when and what they are doing. The facts:
- Harney is open normal time
- low of 30 max of 44 so running conditions are reasonable

Zoran said...


About the youtube video, is good idea. I have some skills to play with MovieMaker and I think that I can put together a 30 sec footage. Also if someone is good at it can join the forces and make something nice. There are 2 options. First one to make it only with pics, and the second one is from very short clips. Simply we can play with it and see how it looks like.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Either way works for me Zoran - what we are missing is the happy snappers to take lots and lots of good pics and clips

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Bill - that you admit to owning the flip is as good as volunteering as the IMCF media/video guy - go crazy with that thing

Rich said...

I don't have a very good camera other than my phone. It takes great stills, but actions shots suck.

Zoran- I have dabbled with making video clips out of photos and putting them to music. I can assist.

Bill- the Flip is a great tool! I'm thinking about gettng my wife one. They take great pics and videos.

All= I have the flyer about 80% complete- critques welcome in the morning. I'm coming in regular time. 0515.

Straus said...

I can help with the video.
I won't be at the bubble in the morning. I'll run a little later at the Grubber track... Really, I will... Promise.

Rich said...

Anyone going to the pool?

Rob said...

I think I'll try the pool; Straus - are you avaliable for instruction?

I plan on going to the gym after to work butterfly pull ups

Dave said...

All -
Poating fron frigid Kentucky after a should-have been-8.5 hr-but-was-13.5 hr drive from NC.

Got lots of cool stuff for xmas...some CF stuff, but also a kodak mini-hd camcorder. Haven't used it yet, but shouldn't be too tought to figure out. Also have some experience with both movie maker and iMovie (Mac), so I can help.

Noah said...

Buddy of mine said there is a mini-triathlon hosted by Ft Leavenworth every May. I have a message in to MWR to see if the date has been set. Previous years it has been a 200 yd pool swim, 22 mile bike and 5K. Anyone interested?

Also, belated happy (or is it Merry) Boxing Day to our Aussie coordinator.

Noah said...

Oh, and by the way my suggestion yesterday WRT Pair Day was all in jest. Guess my dry sense of humor did not come across well in a blog post, poor attempt at Sun nite humor on my part, mea culpa.

Zoran said...


If we are missing a pics, I think that is easy.
Just an idea. If every one who is coming to the gym or other places for CF agree to take the pics of the WOD-ind with a DIGITAL CAMERA, NOT cell phone (reason: to increase the quality of the pics), and we can sand the pics to you or someone else. Than we can choose the good once that will be on the footage.
I think that we can take the pics in next 2 or 3 weeks and we can see how we can go from there.



I can help with the butterfly pull ups, but I still need assistance with kipping pull ups.

Club Radon said...

Hi there,

I do photography - I have a pro setup, and have shot a number of weddings, etc. I think we could get some professional shots if you would like. I would volunteer two hours to shoot two wods and process the photos for you all.

Dave would remember as we attended his rowing class in December (M@xwell).

You can email me at clubradon at if that would be of interest to you all.


james said...

Noah - thanks for the happy boxing day. Your post, despite being in jest, has really kicked off some discussion.

I can't get interested in triathlons on account of the swim - but there is also a Lvn half marathon in May which I will run in.

james said...

I cashed in for some more sleep and ran at home ( I did out and backs for the intervals - trying to keep the same distance for the back as for the out.

james said...

Club Radon and other happy snappers - I think we should work on a "photo event" in the first few weeks of Jan - we will get as many folks as possible there and set it all up so it photographs well - any advice suggestions etc on how to make this look good or what type of WOD would be bestare very welcome.

Noah said...

Either 27 or 29 laps in the pool. I lost count for a short bit in the 4 and 3 minute rounds, hence the range.

scottnkelly9901 said...

Ran @ track. 3,750ish meters (2.33 miles) give or take.

Rich said...

I hit the pool with Rob this morning- averaged just over one lap per minute for each interval. Total 15 laps and some change. That is 750 yards- so something like 684 meters.

Noah- so I'm tracking- 27-29 laps, defined as down and back equals one lap???? Holy crap that is smoking! I thought I was doing pretty good...suddenly I feel pretty weak!! You doubled me!!

Rob said...

Swam with Rich

5 min = 4+laps
4 min = 4 laps
3 min = 3+ laps
2 min = 2+ laps
1 min = 1+ laps
total = 14+ laps

Once I got the 4 laps in 4min I got some confidence. Feedback from Rich is that when breathing I bring too much of my body (mostly shoulder) out of the water and disrupt my motion.

Bill said...

Ran at track 2.45 miles w/ Garmin

Noah said...

Those would be lengths, not laps. My bad.