Dec 26, 2010

122710 MONDAY

Front Squat

rest 5 minutes

3 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
15 pull ups
21 push ups

Resource constrained:
tabata squats (20 second on 10 seconds off 8 rounds)


3 rounds for time of:
400m run
15 pull ups
21 push ups


Rich said...

James, et al-
Programming question- I think I'm going to sub wall sits for one minute in lieu of front squats, then sub 15 k b swings in lieu of the run. Thoughts?

easterlr said...

What is the track for 400m at the bubble gym?

Noah said...

WRT Rob's question for IMCF promotion at a future Pair Day...My suggestion is we have a table setup at the next Pair Day and two dudes (or dudettes) volunteer to work the table for the 4 or so hours that Pair Day lasts. The two people are continuously performing a WOD behind the table as a demonstration of our program (and awesomeness). If that seems too much, then an alternate method would have a stipulation that they are allowed to stop WOD'ing only when someone walks up to the table to ask about the program. As soon as that person walks away the WOD must commence again until another person walks up to inquire about the program. This would motivate the two volunteers to be diligent in their form and intensity as it would lead to more visitors and hence more chances to rest. Poor form or lack of intensity would not be appealing to Pair Day visitors and hence lead to a longer workout with fewer rest times as a result of fewer visitors. I volunteer Rob and James for next year's Pair Day duo (I think I'm busy that day).

Rich said...

Nice Noah- I like your logic and your volunteering of James and Rob.

The track for 400m at the gym is from the front steps, run to the south toward the bowling alley, then turn right onto Iowa and run toward the barracks. Where you see the steel cable fencing begin on the right hand of the street, there are three posts- that is the turn around point. That is 200m, one time down and back is 400m. (plus or minus about 10 m)

Rich said...

Missed the morning crew this morning. The bubble was very empty- just Straus and I and about 3 folks from CFR. So, in the absence of feedback- I did one minute wall sits in lieu of front squats and 15x 2 pood KB swings in lieu of the run- 6:24.

Gary P said...

I was at the bubble gym at the same time as "the morning crew" this morning, but did the WOD starting about a minute later.
12:58. The front squats I did 155 and had some failed attempts at 185 and 160. I think the 185 was "mistaken identity" with back squats or something.

james said...

Rich - sorry missed it last night. I think those subs will work. I don't think it is super critical - the important thing is that you are doing something - ultimately it is all conditioning.

This morning:
225,225, 230, 235, 235, 235, 235

10:06 for the WOD- crazy cold even with gloves on for the run - CF standard pushups killed me.

Zoran said...

Regarding the getting the word out about the IMCF.
I have the same dilemma and I was thinking for a while about this how to spread the word out for CF when I get back home.
Similar to Noah thinking, I have something more than that, because Pair Day is only one day, this can be done regularly (Saturday and/or Sunday) and attract more people the one that come not that day.
I got inspired from the clip that James posted while ago from, if I can remember good, Australian “Everywhere Fitness” or something like that.
We can make the "CF Event" announcement through the “Fire for Effect” Daily announcement that we received them on the AKO, or find some other ways to inform the people (anybody have some thoughts?)
We can find a spot somewhere that everybody can have the access to it (on open sky), where is the "most crowded" with people, choose the WOD, and pick up the crew that will do the WOD, and have somebody who can explain what is going on and something about CF. Have some flayers and info material ready. It sounds like circus event, but it is a good way of getting CF closer to the people. Everybody wants to see and try something new, something interesting.


Rich said...

Gary- sorry I missed that this morning and sorry I started without you.

James- no worries. The KB swings did the trick getting my heart rate up! I was slack in that I didn't do CFS push-ups. Thanks for mentioning that!!! I have been thinking about subs over the last few days- if its all the same, I'll run them by the folks through this before execution to get a sanity check, as well as to use it as a learning point for me to do some programming. Are you coming in during the normal time tomorrow?

Gary P said...

no worries Rich, I was just "upping the count" for folks who did the IMCF workout at the bubble today. I had my watch, so all was fine.

scottnkelly9901 said...

Great to be back in Kansas. Just got back from Orlando - it's was a "balmy" 33 degrees there this morning.
FS: 155, 175, 195, 205, 135, 135
Attempted 225 for 4th set, but failed - back hurt so lightened the load after the 205.

10:47 for rest of WOD.

Bill said...

We got back KC this morning and did the WOD this afternoon.
FS: 135, 165, 185, 215, 225, 245 (PR by 10#)
WOD as RX’ed w/ CF standard push ups - 10:35
What time are you guys showing up tomorrow? 0515, 0800?

Noah said...

Man was I a bag of a** today. Too much roasted Who-beast and eggnog I guess. 16:30 for the WOD. 185-185-165-165-175-165. Was over zealous attempting 185 right out of the gate as it cost me in later reps.

Rob said...

205, 205, 225, 225, 235, 235; Neal helped me keep me from rocking fwd on the movement back to the top and to keep knees from buckling inward

METCON 8:06 using 400m run; mentally I did sets of 7 for push ups and went unbroken; unbroken with pull ups also

I worked on butterfly pull ups. I'm making small gains but would like feedback from any willing observer

Noah - I'll be in at 0515

Noah (part II) - PAIR Day table good; suggestion for demo personnel BAD, very BAD; Seriously, we are looking for someone to run with the PAIR day idea for class 11-02 i.e. find the agency that sponsors the event, contact them, enter IMCF as a participant, design a concept for presentation, schedule people to work the table, etc. Same with Zoran's idea. All these ideas are consistent with IMCF principles. The next step is to get someone to develope them just like George did for FGB5, Dave for Barbells for Boobs, etc. If you want to develop and coordinate one of these ideas get with any one on the IMCF committee (James, Mark, Jessee, myself).

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Zoran - I would like to make an IMCF youtube video about 30 seconds in length and run it as an advertisement before guest speakers in Eisenhower - what I don't have is high quality images and video - we have images and video but it isn't amazing because it is taken with phones - we (that is anyone listening) need to take some footage that looks good. This is a example of something that is simple easy and effective.


Bill said...


I have a Flip Ultra HD recorder. We just used it today recording our front squats, it came out very good. Let me know. Bill

Straus said...

15:53 for the WOD this morning.
@Rob - let me know when and where you want a table manned and I can do a couple of hours.
@Coordinator - I also have an HD video camera for use

Neal said...


Rob kept me straight on form...need to keep my right knee tracking over my toes (it has a tendency to bow inward).

I subbed a 500m row for the 400m run on the other WOD...10:55.

I'll be outta the net for the next couple days...should be back on Friday for the WOD, though it'll be later in the day. Have a great week.

Hoys said...

did resource constrained:

16 on tabatta squats, focused on keeping form

10:28 on metcon; 400m was an estimate, hopefully longer than 400!