Dec 23, 2010

122410 FRIDAY

For time:
100 pull ups 
4.2 mile run (why 4.2 miles - because thats two laps around the main base route shown below)
100 burpees

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Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

James 58.19 - I took a long cut on the run so it was probably closer to five miles than four.

Noah said...

Sorry boys, I was not resource constrained today but rather time constrained. It would have taken a Christmas miracle for me to get up early enough today to do the prescribed fun started off the day. Instead did 25 pushups (CFS), 25 pullups, 25 burpees and 25 walking lunges in the basement (9:03). Merry Christmas to all.

Rob said...

Today I did the CFR WOD below with Stewart and his crew; 22:54 w/regular dips sub for ring dips; with twelve exercises I spent a lot of time in transition; I'm not a big fan of WODs like this, but I am a big fan of camaradarie; we had about 12 athletes doing the WOD and a lot of motivation


12 rounds for time of:

On the 12th day of Christmas, Crossfit gave to me

1 sumo deadlift high pull 95/65
2 front squats 95/65 + SDHP
3 power cleans 95/65 + front squat & SDHP
4 handstand pushups + power clean + front squat & SDHP
5 dips on rings + handstand pushups + power clean + front squat & SDHP
6 wall ball shots + 5 thru 1
7 good mornings-empty bar + 6 thru 1
8 pull ups + 7 thru 1
9 GHD situps + 8 thru 1
10 box jump burpees + 9 thru 1
11 knees to elbows + 10 thru 1
12 KBs swinging 55/35 + 11 thru 1

This WOD is meant to be done just like the song “Twelve days of Christmas”.

I have four friends that I'm going to meet with on Monday 0900 and give them a fundamentals class. They haven't been able to make the times we regularly do foundations so I told them we could wait until the Christmas break. If you have anyone that fits this category they are welcome to attend. I figure with a group of 5 to 8 I can get it done in about 2hrs.

Rich said...

I did the 12 days of Christmas with Rob. I was as RXd for weights but just did regular burpees in lieu of the box jump burpees. I was in the 26:48 range...Rob was smoking this morning! Good work out and echo what Rob said about the camaraderie; this one was a bit hard to keep up with at first. Hand stand push ups were hard around the 7th or 8th round...but I got them (sloppily, but got them)

Merry Christmas everyone.

Neal said...

Felt sorry for James so I tacked some mileage onto the run (or I didn't spend enough time looking at the strip map and took a wrong turn...yep, that's what actually happened). Anyways, I clocked my version of the run and did about 5.2 WOD time was 52:30.

Merry Christmas to all you Ninjas out there...

Greg said...

Did today's WOD it was a mother!! 57:48. No extra mileage for me, ran indoors on the track.

Merry Christmas!

Rich said...

Rob- regarding your post yesterday about getting the word out about IMCF. I think the PAIR day is a great idea. Also, as we talked in the box, there is the info booth in the atrium, on the same day that the differnt organizations and grad schools put their info out. It was the same day where people could see what masters programs, MMAS's etc. We could also look to see if we could get some free advertisment space in the Lamp since we are a not-for-profit. Lastly we should get back over to the APFRI folks and get the guy who knows a bit about crossfit back on board, and get some "advertisements" over there for those going in there looking for some advice on physical fitness when their APFRI results come back a little lower than they wanted. That would also hit a few spouses up since they do the assessments as well. We've got the not-for-profit thing going for us, so we could/ should take advantage of that. My four cents worth.

Rich said...

One more- James I have a "map" and "Google Earth" overlay that I made for our flyer. How can I share that for others?? Can we put the "google earth" link on the website?

Hoys said...

congrats on those that endeavored on the long wod... feel a like bad I had great weather to do it in. My total time was 47:35.

greg, props for doing this on the that's commitment.

Merry Christmas!