Dec 22, 2010


7's FULL

5 Rounds for time 
7 ring dips 
7 deadlift @ 225 
7 squat cleans @ 135 
7 knees to elbow

See the video for some squat clean training.

The Squat Clean from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.

Resource constrained: 
10 rounds of: 
10 burpee broad jumps; 
10 lunge jumps per leg; 
10 leg lifts


james said...

re intensity and scaling and power - this article discusses the tension to which you refer.

Dave said...

Not faniliar with lunge jumps; is it just an explosion out of the lunge?

Again Faster's final WOD of the month is up. As far as I know, only Steve Olson and I are actually doing the competition, but it's a good one to consider for anyone:

10 Over-the-box jumps ( 24"/20")
10 hang dumbbell squat cleans (40#/30#)

Length of time (for the comp) is 25 min minus WOD 1 and 2 times. (I have all of 2:58 to do AMRAP.) The most time anyone in the comp has is 12 and change (couple of sponsored firebreathers). If you're looking to do this and haven't done the other two 10 mins is probably a good smoker.

The over-the-box jumps canbe done forward or sideways. Feet must both simultaneously clear the box completely. Each trip over the box is one rep.

Neal said...

12:34 as rx'd. Need to work on the "knuckles down" grip (for squat cleans, cleans, etc) Rob and James taught on Tuesday...makes a big difference. Also, need to catch the bar lower on the squat cleans.

Have fun with this one...pretty sick WOD.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

13.04 rxed

Noah said...

16:53, scaled weights for DL and SC. No rings available either so normal dips were subbed. Good WOD. Bah humbug.

Rich said...

11:48; scaled DL to 185 and did Ab Mat SUs in lieu of squat clean. Ring Dips were pretty weak for round 4 and 5 but I made it through. Thanks to all the morning crew for listening to me belly-ache this week. It was not my intent to wallow in misery or seek pity...I just want to compete every day in the box...and that's not necessarily the best attitude to have when still a little hobbled. But, I'm checking my ego (which for a gun pilot isn't easy...I got it) and I'm going to lay up for a few days.

Rob- great advice on subs. KBs are looking like my new best friends. Let me know if you have any luck getting us a bike or two for the bubble...that would be outstanding.

James/ Neal/ Bill- thanks for pushing me to not push too hard and looking out for me being a moron.

Dave- thanks for giving me a goal to strive for...the longest post award is a dream of mine and if I can stretch this one out, I'll feel like I really contributed this morning to the greater IMCF good since I didn't squat clean.

Merry Christmas to all!!

Dave said...

Rich - think you've got me by a line or two.

Sorry to all for the lack of posts (and WODs). Being a geo bach, my honey-do list gets incredibly long while away. I've been on the go every day 0630-0100. (Sitting in line to pick up prescription for sick 1-yr old right now with all 3 kids.) I need to get back to school to recover.

I excuse. Gonna hit up 2 WODs tomorrow to try to make up.

Matt said...

Time was horrible with both squat cleans and deadlifts as my achilles heels. Finished and subbed deadlifts to 135 since I am still struggling with form. I feel like I have absolutely no power at the bottom of the movement, even after trying to tighten up with form thanks to Rob's videos. Continuing to chip away.

Rob said...


ref: intensity and scaling
Glassman's article (which I hadn't read before) is a much better explanation than I could ever give. I'll give my opinion but I don't think I'm adding anything to what he said. Focusing on POWER is better than looking at its components (work and time). We seek to increase our power so that our intensity is increased.

Generally speaking if I have to scale, I will decrease weight. Dropping weight decreases my work, decreases my time, and thus increases my power. But I don't necessarily scale the weight to help with my time. I usually choose to decrease weight becasue the prescribed weight is too much for me to safely move. I can move it, but I loose form and technique. A specific example for me is thrusters with 135lbs. Those are awful! I've done Rx 135lb thrusters and I've scaled them. But as Glassman says, when you scale the goal should be to eventually work your way to the Rx.

Rob said...

11:58 with HSPU sub for ring dips; I got through 50MU last week, but for some reason ring dips really hurt my shoulder - HSPU don't

Coaching from last weekend's seminar paid off with squat cleans. Specifically, 'hide the knuckles', rotating out of the hook grip, and movement of the bar off of the ground were executed much better today than I've ever done them (still much room for improvement).

New topic - Straus (who we missed again today) had an idea concerning PAIR day. He said that had IMCF had a table at PAIR day and explained what we did he would have been on board since Aug. I think it's a great idea and very low cost - time spent on a Saturday talking about something we love. For the next PAIR day we could set up shifts so that we'd get an hour or so and not take up an entire Saturday. I'm going to raise the issue again in Jan but just wanted to know your thoughts on advertising ourselves to new classes. James has thought of a 30-sec commercial shown as there is a captive audience in Eisenhower auditorium waithing for a guest speaker. What else can we do?

Rob said...

Rich - I spoke with Leonard Lewis of MWR this morning and he's going to move 2 bikes into the bubble in Jan. I tried to press him for 'right now' and I'd do the labor but it didn't work. I have no doubt we'll have them in Jan. I'll keep following up.

I asked about when the new hours will go into effect and he thinks it will be effective 1 Jan but he's not sure. Those of you who WOD on weekends should prepare for as early as this Sunday.

Matt - (and all of us) consistency with good form will win the day. Hang in there brother and keep doing the right things.

Sorry for the 3rd post today! I should be done!

Dave said...

Let me get this straight...all I have to do to avoid the ignominious award for "long poster" is to be like Rob and spread it over multiple entries?


Gary P said...

18:29 with 205 for DL, 115 then dropped to 95 for squat cleans and did regular dips for the last 3 sets instead of ring dips. All by myself in the bubble and probably would have pushed harder with a partner.