Dec 21, 2010


As Many Rounds as Possible (AMRAP) 20 min
500 m row 
bodyweight bench x 8 rep

Post rounds to comments.

If you have a pull up bar and time maybe start on down the butterfly kipping pullup path. See the how to below (minor language warning).

Resource constrained:
Accumulate 1 min of handstand
Then  max HSPU in 6 min


Rich said...

5 rounds and 47 meters into 6th round- scaled to 135 for bench, but did 9 reps each set.

Bill said...

6 rounds plus 6 bench press at (BW) 185#. The rowing killed me. Our old gym never really did any weight lifting exercises, it's good to be at a box that incorporates weights into the WODs.

Bill said...

Correction. My "Coach" gave me some bad info, jk. I completed 5 rounds plus 6 BP at BW.

Neal said...

6 rounds...ish. For some reason, my mind was elsewhere and I wanted to stop before 20 minutes was up. So, once Rob steered me in the right direction, I went back and did another round to finish up.

For all those ninjas out there that might not have access to a rower, try subbing a 400m run or 100 double unders or somethin cool like that. That should do the trick.

Aight, have a good one...laterz.

Greg said...

4.8 rounds, bench of 185lbs (6 on last set). Great work out, the rowing was a MOTHER!!!!

Merry Christmas!

james said...

finished the row on the sixth scaled the last two reps on the 5th round of BP from 175 to 135.

I have been trying to use this

it seemed to help with the rowing today and let me hold 1.50 - 1.53 through the ugly 200 - 400m period

Gary P said...

6 rounds. Weight loss since summer is a wonderful thing when the WOD says "body weight" anything.

Matt said...

Finished 4 rounds with under 1.50 on rows and 185# (scaled) on bench. Lost time in recovery between sets, but the intensity was fantastic.

Noah said...

Five rounds completed. 325M into row number six when time expired. Scaled bench to 115 to make the reps across many sets. Someday I'll be able to do 40 plus reps of my body weight. (Maybe when I lose me left leg.) The rowing was a kick in the jimmy. But loved it. Peace on earth.

james said...

Noah - thanks for your message the other day. I am also pleased to award you 1st prize in the "most imaginative turn of phrase on the blog" category for "rowing was a real kick in the jimmy"

Rob said...

6.9rds with 175lb bench; I hit 20min with 4 BP left but I was spent and even with 1min left would probably not have made 7rds complete; I finished the last 4 BP but only as Neal performed a dead lift to help me

I had hoped to get at least 7rds so I was disappointed. One bright spot is that my last 500 I pulled a 1:47 with the help/encouragement/threats from Bill, Dionne, and Neal; thanks

Ref: Rich's blog yesterday concerning looking for intensity when WOD is not conducive with injury or rehab. He raises a good question and I can empathize. I came to CGSC on crutches and had a slow recovery. I've made a lot of gains since then. The overriding principle I'd give to anyone in this situation is PATIENCE. The adage 'check your ego at the door' has to prevail. I rode the stationary bike from Aug 2009 until April 2010 (9mos) whice all my IMCF buddies were running out the door.

As boring and frustrating as it can get to not be 100% immersed in the WOD, I was always conservative with my rehab. The patience paid off as in April 09 after not running for 18mos I ran a 13:40 on my PT test (APFT was the first time I had run except for a few sprints and a mile jog just to make sure my ankle wouldn't collapse). 13:40 isn't anything to brag about, but I offer the run time as the efficacy of 1) crossfit's capacity for CVE and 2) the principles of scaling (substituting exercises) and getting rid of the ego. Creativity is the key when balancing the 'intensity' that Rich is talking about and rehab/injury recovery. Rich - I'm willing to help find sub exercises if you need help.

On a completely different topic my girlfriend and I got married 22yrs ago today! We're headed out on the town tonight so if I'm not in the gym tomorrow morning we're probably still partying downtown!

Did I beat Dave for longest post two-days in a row?

james said...

I wish I could congratulate you twice - once for your anniversary and once for the longest post. Alas - you will have to go further, faster, heavier to take Dave's title from him.

Greg said...


I am curious on your thoughts of intensity vs. weight. Today, I continued at 185lbs bench, but it did cost me some time, towards the end. I could have gone lower and completed more rounds.



Bill said...

Rob, congrats as well. As for the "threats". That is what we are there for. It always helps to have someone help you push past the suck. There were times during my row I felt like stopping, but between you guys "yelling" across the box and Dionne telling me I can rest on the bench I kept on going.
As for the intensity while injured. Glassman gave a speech somewhere in the journal saying “If you have a bad right shoulder you can still work your left shoulder, you are not going to through your body out of whack”. I am paraphrasing seeing I can’t remember verbatim what he said. So Rich, you have 3 other limbs that are working just fine, just give that knee time to heal properly.

james said...

re intensity and scaling and power - this article discusses the tension to which you refer.