Dec 19, 2010

122010 MONDAY

Run 800m
400m jog at 800m time  
Run 800m
400m jog at 800m time            

 Post total time to comments. (If rowing use 1000m and 500m if swimming use 200m and 100m, choose something you didn't do last time)

If you have some time work on your squat mechanics like Kstar shows you:


james said...

I am still a little frayed after the oly seminar on the weekend so will probably catch this up later in the week.

Keen to pass on what we learnt at said Oly seminar if anyone as 20 minutes to hang around after tomorrows WOD.

Rich said...

James- I'll be there tomorrow. I'm going to row this one then I can hang around for a few, depending how long the row takes. See you there.

james said...

Rich - correct to my last - after Tuesday's WOD for Olympic lifting stuff - I am declaring tmw a day of rest

Rob said...

I'm going swimming tomorrow morning, I hope to start swimming around 0520. I'm going into the bubble afterward to work some of the oly lift techniques.

Rob said...

Change of mission - I'm going to row this time. If anyone wants to go over oly lift stuff you can join me.

Hoys said...

rowed the channel this am with books, neal, rob and rich.

struggled keeping time/distance, but came out to 3:40, 3:50, 3:45 on my 1000s.

headed out of town today---will keep up with the WODs. I programmed "resourced constrained" workouts for the remainder of the month to parallel the regular programming. Let there be no excuse!

Bedellb said...

I was sick with the flu on the Oly lift day. I do hope to get with someone to teach what I missed. Today I created a WOD that I think in hindsight was a bit much.
3 rounds for time:

25 Ring Push ups
25 Box Jumps
25 KB Swings
25 Med Ball Cleans
25 Hip Extensions


I think next time I will do 15 reps each vice 25. My goal was to do an under 20 minute WOD. I will be here all holiday season. Based on kids and the value of well needed sleep, I will doing the WODs at 0830 in the morning.

Noah said...

Ran on the Park University track near my house for this one. 3:20, 3:30, 3:35. Lungs felt fine but the legs just wouldn't give me more. My quads are still like rocks after the 250 air squats on Thursday. Spent the weekend on the roller for recovery and the running today was also good to get the tightness out.

Break Break
James, since I 'see' you on this blog much more than in person, congrats on the SAMS selection.

Matt said...

WOD today was a nice change of pace, although it feels as cold here in Savannah as it did in Kansas. Ran around the neighborhood with no stopwatch or measuring capability, so I won't post a time. Swagged it using Google earth for distance.

I'll be using the 1/75 RGR crossfit equipped gym for the remaider of the break.

Rob said...

Row this morning:
I kept a 1:52 +/- 3sec for 500/m

Brook - I've got notes from the Oly lift I'd be happy to send you via e-mail. We can go through them when we link up. The bubble gym goes to holiday hours on Friday so I will be in at 0800 instead of 0515; we can overlap there. I can also get you paid up for the oly cert.

We had a new CGSC student show up today - Will. He went through foundations in Sep and is ready to start. Hopefully he got an account and will start posting. Overall it is pretty quite in the gym.

The next two weeks are good opportunities for anyone who wants to do technique work on any lifts and exercises. I've got a few things I want to work on:
butterfly pull ups
double unders
free hand stand
I need help in these areas (from anyone avaliable, Strauss is helping with swimming) and I am willing to stay a little longer (or maybe later in the afternoon) and help others in areas they need help.

Greg said...

Ran at the Y in Andover,KS. Times of 3:10, 3:20, 3:26. Kept the 400s at 2:45. This felt good to get the tightness out of my legs from last week.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Rich said...

I completely failed to keep track of my splits. I think I ended with approx 18:11 total elapsed time. I was around 2:00 plus or minus 5 seconds each split. The last 500m about killed me. My legs were still fried and sore from last Thurs death by squats and MUs.

On another note- I got a clean bill of health from the Ortho folks today. They gave me a shot in the knee to help with the arthritis, and I can now start "easing" back into my normal stuff. Still shouldn't run for another 2 weeks because of the shot, but I can now get back on the rope and some light box jumps, etc!!!

Neal said...

Rowed with the AM Crew:

3:33; 3:46; 3:53...consistency went out the window this AM. My legs died on round 3, especially.

Great to hear from are the MUs? Keep up the good work...

Dave said...

Re-did WOD #2 for the AF Competition, as I was not satisfied with the one I did last week. Dropped my time by over 1:30, so that's good. (Did it in 15:09 vice 16:42.)

Did 4 rounds of:
50 DUs
19 Thrusters (18 last round)
11 DLs (12 last round)

Definitely worked out better. Still work to be done on DUs and general muscular endurance.

This was also my first WOD in my Inov-8s. They rock.

Did it at the newly opened (within the last week), renovated Frederick Gym. Fort Bragg has renovated it to be another "CrossFit friendly" gym. I haven't seen many CF boxes, but this definitely takes the cake. best is that it's right across the street from my unit. I'll take some pictures.