Dec 16, 2010

121710 FRIDAY


Friendly units have been in the defense and the supply situation is dire.  You need to resupply as many units as possible in 30 minutes.   Form a three person team and collect the three resupply items: a 20# med ball, a 45# plate, and a 55# kettlebell.  Once the mission begins, the supply items can only be put down during the 1 minute "refill" between unit supply runs.  

AMRAP 25 minutes:

Move to unit locations: 200 meter run (around the bubble) 
Ammunition up to the towers: 30 x 10' wallball shots 
Mortar base plate up mountain: 30 x  24" box step ups with 45# plate
Roll out the barbed wire: 30 kettlebell swings
Shortcut to logbase: crawl on back 15 meters with supply items elevated (kind of like a crab walk)
1 min re-fill: items down, team members in plank

Rules of Engagement:
Items can be passed among team members at any time
Items can only touch ground at refill
Teams can split task as they see fit 


Dave said...

This is gonna be sweet. And by sweet, I mean that it's going to break me off.

So what is the "punishment"/tactical consequence of setting your supply items down?

Who's picking the teams?

What is your favorite color?

What is the wind-speed velocity of a coconut-laden swallow?

Bill said...

Do we have to complete one task before moving on? At the same time: 1 person does WB, the other box jumps and the other KB swings.

Aleksander said...

Is it an african or european swallow?
This will be a good say to start the day.....

Matt said...


Dave said...

Hey, big announcement from CF HQ...CF is now an official ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accredited certification program issuer, meaning that everyone who is L1 certified is "officially" a personal trainer.

Not that it matters much within the CrossFit community, as we all know what being L1 means (particularly since the implementation of the test), but if you've ever run into any other licensed personal trainers (in any discipline) who didn't view you as a "real" can now throw this in their face. Small issue internal to CF, huge in CF gaining credibility in the fitness industry.

Hoys said...

to Bill:

After the run, all tasks can be done concurrently. That is, one could do all the wall ball throws, one does the step ups, one does the kettle. OR a team could decide to do 10 of each and rotate through each exercise in a round.
Once all the tasks are complete, then the team can backcrawl to base. Clear as mud?


Hoys said...

Received some other questions on this WOD...for clarity:

On go, a team starts-one member has the 45# plate, one the med ball, one the kettlebell---all members run around the bubble.

The med ball guy does the 30 wall ball shots, the kettlebell guy does 30 swings, the 45lbs plate guy does 30 step ups. If one member completes quickly, they can go assist the member still working (they will have to swap items).

Once all tasks complete, they all backcrawl to base. First guy there drops the weight and gets in the plank, but 1min plank time does not start until all members are back at the base.

Once the minute is up, pick up the weights and begin again. This is where teams can decide who is switching to what item etc.

To Dave: dropping of weight = 60 burpees (for team) penalty, a bad OER, and first on the list for the maintenance resupply mission (includes delivering very large tires).

Dave said...

I'm liking the "maintenance resupply mission"...not sure if I'm liking the burpees, though.

And to be clear...the movement to unit locations (running around the bubble) is the OUTSIDE of the bubble, correct?

Hoys said...
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Hoys said...

Good times!

The Josh, James, Jim crew re-supplied A-D companies (4 complete rounds).

I was certainly the slow guy in my group running around the bubble....step ups were our limiting factor and clearly the slowest of the exercise no matter who was doing them.

easterlr said...

Hit our gym here in Manhattan this morning and did GI Jane (aka 100 Burpee Pullups) for a PR time of 9:48.

And Dave, would that be an African, or a European swallow?

james said...

Ryan - you get at least a two minute handicap for GI Jane - you know high the bars here are. Good work on Jason yesterday.

There will be a few of us in at the normal time Mon - Thurs next week if you are in town. If not enjoy your break.

FYI after the break we are entering in a little KS "Crossfit league" once a week we will have a little comp with other affiliates - no travel just do the WOD and post results. This weeks was max box jumps in two minutes. Let me know if you are interested and I will put you in touch with organiser. (site will be up in a week or so)

Gary P said...

The guys I normally workout with weren't in this morning. I knew I should have showed up early to join the "morning crew" as I thought this workout looked fun. Instead I did the workout on the board for Crossfit results with front squats, push press, thrusters, box jumps, pullups, and burpees in rounds of 10 for the lifts 2 for the other and then 8/4, 6/6, 4/8, 2/10. Used 65# and 16:57. Have to write it somewhere I guess. I plan to be at the gym most mornings next week and perhaps can start showing up early to join the big crowd on a regular basis now that I know I will be here through 2012 due to my wife being selected for SAMS.

easterlr said...

@James: Haha, fair enough. Your bars definitely are a lot higher than ours here. I did this one in Harney over the summer and got 14min and some change, so about a 2min handicap is probably pretty accurate.

See you guys over break! Looking forward to the team motivation!

Rob said...

Gary - having another person in the morning would be great. We get a lot of good coaching, critiqe, and encouragement from each other. There are going to be a few of us around for the next few weeks but most are taking off. I'll be there daily around 0515 as I'm not taking leave. If your partners are interested in coming early they are welcome also.

You're right about this morning's WOD - it was awesome!

Dionne said...

Great WOD this AM. Although the girls didn't slug the RX weight, we did get the work done. That's what is great about CF. Everyone can participate in the "suck".

Thanks IMCF for welcoming Bill and me. This was our first week at the box and we have enjoyed meeting everyone. This was also our first week not taking a break. Normally we do 3-1. We like the since of accomplishment getting a WOD in every day.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to the "suck" next week.

james said...

Dionne - I know exactly what you are talking about - my first couple of weeks of 5 on were tough - I really like it now - and nothing on the weekends is great.

Unless you are traveling we hope to see you and bill next week.

Rob said...

Resupply Team - Alex, Greg, and me
3.9rds complete; we just started the plank to finish a 4th round when time was called; Alex was moving out fast on the 200m run no matter what he was carrying; impressive performance! moving the mortar base plate up the mountains was dedinitely the event that took the longest

Terrific team WOD

scottnkelly9901 said...

Still living the "Army of One" campaign, I did this as a Rambo mission. 3.5 rds. Carrying the "base plate" up the mountain almost broke me.

Rich said...

Dave and I did this as a two man buddy team. We completed 4 full rounds and the run of a 5th. We alternated supplies, each round. Today was the first "run" since surgery and it felt pretty good. I took it easy which was good. Thanks for the push Dave!!

Bill said...


Any word on when the new shipment of IMCF T Shirts and Sweat Shirts are coming in? Dionne and I want to get a couple of each.
Thanks Bill

Bedellb said...

Does anybody know if the bubble gym hours will remain the same during the break or will they be different?
On a side note, sorry for not attending today folks, I popped my blood blisters and decided to run on a treadmill to let the hands heal for the Oly class tomorrow. See you guys on Monday

james said...

Gym Side Hours of Operation:
Saturday and Sunday,

Holidays Hours:
24 Dec 0800-1800
25 Dec closed
26 Dec 0800-1700

A few of us will be in there at normal time Mon - Thur next week

Matt said...

Neal or anyone else with photos...Is there any way you can post the group photos you've taken over the weeks to the page somewhere?

Bill said...


When and where are the Oly classes and can anyone attend?
thanks Bill

Neal said...

TEAM Matt/Bill/Me knocked out three rounds and then completed the run, wallballs, KBS, and 15 step-ups on round four when time was called. Good times! Jim, thanks for spending all the time you did planning this one. Again, not about numbers, but was great to share the suck with so many this morning. Have a great holiday...see ya next week if you're around.

Matt et al, Not smart enough to post pictures yet, but I'll get a block of instruction from James on Monday and give it a shot. In the mean time, send me an email at and I'll shoot you some pics.

james said...

Bill - Oly classes are Sat but sorry all the slots have sold out (its not being run by us but an external provider) hopefully we can pass on what we learn

Bill said...

thanks James. I look forward to the chance to learn more about the Oly lifts. How do I go about getting on the waiting list for the next class?

Steve said...

There was a note left in the bubble gym this afternoon that there is a Foundations class running Saturday from 0800-1700. This is the first I've heard of it. Is Stewart running it or IMCF?

james said...

Steve - Thats the Oly class 0900 - 1100.

Bill - Stewart organised it - i will speak to the coach running it on Saturday and see if they are interested in coming back in the New Year.

Rob said...

Steve - are you interested in a foundations class? if you are going to be here over the Christmas break I have a few others that have expressed interest in one and don't want to wait until January. I can get you involved if you'd like.

Steve said...

Rob, I'm good to go. I'll be at the Oly class tomorrow. It just seemed odd that a Foundations class was announced via a piece of paper at the gym with no discussion of it here or via e-mail. I guess nobody knows who put it there...somewhat Catch-22 like. On a side note, Bob Baumeister will be here all Christmas break. He took our last Foundations class and is looking for some WoD help during the break. I told him to send a post here to find some guys that are sticking around. - Steve Olson

Rob said...

Rgr - just wondering if you wanted to do some instruction; see you tomorrow

Dave said...

James - another competition? Yes, please. Interested to know the deets. (submit vids? honor system? judges?)

Rich, it was you who pushed ME. Save the mortar plate-up-the-mountain, you always finished your 30 before I did. (We were the same...that was the long pole in the tent.)

Everyone have a safe and happy break. Reconnect with your families.

Oh...and kill your goat; eat your frog.