Dec 15, 2010



for time

100 squats
5 muscle ups
75 squats
10 muscle ups
50 squats
15 muscle ups
25 squats
20 muscle ups

01 (SEAL) Jason Dale Lewis was killed by an IED while conducting combat operations in Southern Baghdad July 6, 2007. We name this workout "Jason" in honor of his life, family, and courage.

Note: If you don't have a muscle up sub 2 "progressions" for every one muscle up. 


Rob said...

I have a VTC at 0730 so I am going to start this between 0520 and 0530

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

okay rob I will be there early to go at the same time

Rich said...

OK...I'm in.

james said...

18:49 last 8 MU seemed to take five minutes

Hoys said... last 20 MUs fell in the 10-minutes-to- complete range.

BUT...most MUs I've put together to date.

Great crew this am!

Dave said...

At 36:10, 3 MU (progressions) into the last set, I had to stop. My left shoulder was NOT feeling right. (I don't know what an impingement is, but if I had to guess, it's what my shoulder feels like right now. It's definitely not just muscular soreness.) Up to that point, was pretty happy (not satisfied) with my progressions, working on form rather than speed.

Muscle Ups, thou art my goat, and I shall smite thee yet.

Strong work by all this morning...James, Hoys, and Neal, you guys rocked those MUs.

Noah said...

~18:00, not as RX'd. No stopwatch this AM either. I only had 8 MUs in me. The next 22 we're subbed with MU progressions (only 40) and I did the last 20 via 50 band assist dips in order to keep the intensity up because my arms were pretty much shot by then.

Bill said...

Feeling lazy this morning, so we slept in. We did the WOD at 1100. I was only able to get 30 MU’s (PR in a WOD was 35 MU’s) then I had to do MU progressions. It has been a long time since I did any MU’s, it felt good to do them again. Then we went to get an Iron Major Crossfit shirt only to find out they are all out. Is there a timeline on getting some more in? Time 24:54.

Dionne said...

34:29 Completed only 60 MU progressions. Much more beneficial than 3dips/3 pullups.

monroe said...

GREAT ODIN's RAVEN! That was humbling. 37:38 Cruised through the squats unbroken. MU's were tough after a 100 pull up day. Remind me to pay closer attention on the next program draft. Last 20 MU's were jumping (and hard!) but there was no way I was going to 3:1. Strong work James.

james said...

Dionne - I like the progressions too - pull ups and dips make you better at pullups and dips but at a certain point you need to start practicing muscle ups.

Rob said...

17:38 as Rx'd
I broke the last 20 MUs into sets of 5; I was able to do the first 5 without a break; then did 3 and 2 with a little rest between the 3 and 2; the last 2 sets were 1 at at a time with a break between individual MUs and then longer break between sets

My shoulder held up very well; I have only discomfort this evening and no pain; but the last time we did MUs I was hurting for a week; the time before that I had only had discomfort; I'm not sure what the difference is; once again I will attribute any success in my shoulder situation to Kelly Starett's mobility WODs

Rich - can you bring in your video camera tomorrow? I understand we will have a team WOD and it would be good to get some of it on film

Neal said...

Delinquent poster the last several days...

GI Jane: 11:10
Jason: 16:45

Big shout out to those selected for SAMS! Huge representation from IMCF!

Looking forward to a big turn-out tomorrow morning. I hear Hoys has a sick team WOD planned...see you then!

Dave said...

Stewed all day about my shoulder not allowing me to finish this workout.

Went back to the bubble and did the squat workout from last week (scheduled for the day I rowed).


As I was there by myself, used a med ball as a "butt target" to ensure full depth.

easterlr said...

Those last 20 muscleups nearly broke me. Literally. Slipped at the top of a muscleup and almost jerked my arm out of its socket.

Awesome WOD. CPT Johnson has us doing GI Jane tomorrow, one of my favorite WODs. We'll see how my time is affected after today's!

Time: 17:28