Dec 13, 2010

121410 TUESDAY

3x3 Shoulder Press
3x3 Push Press
3x3 Push Jerk

Post weights to comments


Rich said...

Do we need the camera tomorrw?

Dave said...

That's a big rog!

Bedellb said...

Is the heat going to be on? Sorry about yesterday's meeting. I had my son's play and with the GSP my time got exceedingly crunched.

Dave said...

Well...that was a fail. Of the monumental variety. (Referring to the AF WOD from yesterday.)

Massive DNF for me. Here was the plan:

Knock out all DUs
Then 4 Rnds of
19 Thrusters (18 on the last round)
9 DLs at 250

Here's what happened:

Knocked out about 80 DUs straight. Lost rhythm, managed to struggle through to 100 (at no more than 5 at a time). Lost a lot of time on this...decided to move on to Thrusters and DL. (Also lost count...I THINK it was 100.)
Did one round of thrusters (I think...lost count)
Did one round of DLs.

At this point, decided to stop because I wasn't sure of my count on any of the three movements.

Take aways:
Need someone to count. (To be clear, this wasn't anyone's fault but my own, as I hadn't coordinated with anyone to do this.)
Need to drop to 225 on the DLs.
Need to change DUs breakdown

So, new plan: will attempt to do this this afternoon (if Steve is available).

4 Rounds:
- as many DUs unbroken as possible on each round, but not messing around if/when my DUs break down
- 19 Thrusters
- 10 DLs at 225

Strong work by Neal this morning.

james said...

115, 115, 125 (F) SP

145, 155, 165,

205 (1 rep), 185 (2 reps), 185 (1 rep), 165 (3 resp)

Rich - call my BS if I have invented any weights here. Thanks for the spot this morning.

Noah said...

Wish somebody would have posted a comment between James' and mine. My weights compared to his are dismal.

SP: 95-95-115
PP: 115-115-105
PJ: 105-100-100

Gary P said...


Not massive numbers but my shoulders felt the work and that is what counts for today.

james said...

Noah - if you look at it our SP numbers are close so with a little work on your hip extension in PP and PJ we should be able to jump them up there pretty quick

Bedellb said...

SP: 3 reps 165
PP: 3 reps 185
PJ: 3 reps 205

Theoritically, you should increase the weight by 20% each movement from the next. I could not do that. I did 15% and was more effective

Hoys said...

SP: 115, 125f 125
PP: 135, 145, 150
PJ: 150, 155f DNF last set

Much improved to last, particularly on push press...still much work needed on PJ.

Enjoyed watching James lift and throw a small volkswagen overhead.

Rob said...
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Rob said...

SP: 135, 145, 155
PP: 155, 165, 175
PJ: 175, 185(F2), 175

Neal and Steve both excelled at yesterday's AF WOD; 9:18ish and 10:21 respectively; both are very humble guys so I'm taking the opportunity to brag on them

Greg said...

I have a new appreciation for DUs today. I had to switch to singles to keep up the heart rate. I have a lot of work to do, the worse part was working out next to Neal who absolutely killed it today. Way to go RANGER!!!!!

Dave said...

Did yesterday's WOD this afternoon...not sure if I can upgrade from a fail. 16:42.

My rep scheme as planned -

4 Rounds
As many DUs as possible each round unbroken
19 Thrusters (18 last round)
10 DLs at 225

What it ended up being:

19/24 (had a rhythm going)/14/18

I could have gone lighter on the DLs (increasing the reps), but I'm not really sure that it would have brought my time down - my time was MOSTLY used up in the DUs (even though I'm "okay" at them) and thrusters.

Thanks to Steve and Bob for cheering me on, Steve for recording/timing/counting and let me borrow his rope. (I discovered that my rope has split at the apex, almost completely through it; good chance that it would have broken mid-WOD.) And to Rich for letting me borrow his camera.

I will now have all of 1:35 for the AMRAP that will be the last WOD of this month's competition. Not looking good for the home team. Might try this one at home again early next week (can submit as many times as you want), going with lower DL weight.

For what it's worth, Steve's rope is awesome (if a tad short for me...but to be clear, that is NOT why it took me so long).

Rich said...

All- don't remember my weights from this morning. I can't call James' BS if I can't remember what I did. I know I did ok on SP-the jumped up a tad on PP- and failed a bit, but with a touch under the elbow from James, I got the weight up. If you know my weight James, not that you would...feel free to tell me. I did not try PJ- honestly, I think more of a mental block on my knee. I think it can handle it now, but didn't want to push it right out of gate with PJ. I'll get it next time!!!

Neal said...

Thanks for the shout outs, Rob and Greg. I had a ton of encouragement from the morning crew which was awesome...I really appreciate it.

On another note, great to see Bill and his wife out this morning! Glad to have you on the team...

james said...

Rich - I think it was 3 x 115 SP and 3 x 125 PP.

Rich said...

Thanks James- I suddenly feel very inferior.

Gents/ Ladies- help a brother out....if you have the ability, take more pics of each other during workouts so I can throw them on the IMCF brochure I'm working on. I'll do the same, but Mo is Better!

Dave said...

Was feeling froggy, so doubled up today (Wednesday), doing Tuesday's Press-Push Press-Push Jerk workout (did GI Jane - slowly - this morning; see above post).

Press: 135(3) - 145(3) -155(2 - failed on last rep)
Push Press: 160(3) - 170(3) - 185(3)
Push Jerk: 190(3) - 200(2) - 210(F) - 210(2) - 215(1)

Switched to split jerks for the last set of three of Push Jerk, as I failed on the third rep of 200 doing "regular" jerk. Failed on first attempt - didn't open my hips all the way before driving under the bar (or attempting to). Managed to get 210 twice. (Caveat to this that I couldn't control the weight on the way down, so I dropped it. Since I didn't have anyone with me, I had to unload to 135, clean it back up to the rack, then re-load the weight. I did all of this as fast as I could, but it definitely added time in-between reps. And on the last rep, I just threw on some 2.5lb plates.)

Was very happy with this, as my previous 1RM Push Jerk (recorded) was 185 in February 09.

Something must be working. Still need to work on form, though.