Dec 12, 2010

121310 MONDAY

WOD Number 2 in the Again Faster WOD Comp

For time:
200 Double Unders
9000lb of Deadlifts
75 Barbell Thrusters (45#)


* Weight on deadlift bar will determine # of reps. If weight isn't an even multiple of the 9000, the athlete will round up. For example, if you choose to complete the 9000# with 185# (9000/185=48.6), you'll complete 49 reps.

* Reps can be partitioned as the athlete wishes.

* Once workout begins, deadlift weight must remain the same.


Dave said...

Thanks to Hoys for changing the programming to do this.

And yeah, I know I'm a pain.

A note on this: for the AF competition, both the reps AND movements can be broken down any way you want it - you don't have to finish all of the DUs before moving to the DLs, etc. So, you could break it down into 4 rounds of 50 DUs, 10 DLs (at 225#), and 19 thrusters (18 on the last round), or however you want to do it. The work just has to be done.

(I'm going to wait and see how I'm feeling tomorrow to finalize, but I'm thinking about doing all 200 DUs, then doing 4 rounds of 9 DLs (250#) and 19 thrusters (18 on last round).)

Both Steve (Olson) and I will be doing this tomorrow morning. I'll be in at the normal time (0515-0530), and will wait for someone to finish so that they can grade/judge me.

For what it's worth, I know that some guy did it in 9:38, though I don't know his DL weights/reps or what kind of "rounding" he did, and I have no idea how much of a firebreather this guy is (or how well he does DUS). Just food for thought.

james said...

double unders not so good for me so will go:

Four Rounds
50 DU
13 DL
19 Thrusters

Rich said...

I'll have the camera.

james said...

The bubble is closed because the heat is off. I will remain in contact with them through the day and post when its open - I am planning to get there after the guest speaker.

Dave said...

Might be the first time I've ever been disappointed by a zonk...speaks volumes about what CrossFit does to you.

Won't be able to make this up this afternoon due to my Islamic Law final this evening (and the GSP we have).

I REALLY hope that the lack of heat in the bubble doesn't become a trend. I'm all for constantly varied, but also prefer that my hands don't freeze to the bar.

Thinking about it now, could have possibly gone to Gruber and done it there with minimal issues from the staff and/or usual residents there...though don't know what the population is/would have been there.

On a totally different note, if you're interested in Inov-8s (touted as the best all-around shoes for CF) and/or Pendlay weightlifting/powerlifting shoes, do check out the Shoe Mart (a link to which James put on the main IMCF page...scroll down on the right). The Shoe Mart's CrossFit page seems to be down right now (issue with them, not us), you can still get 10% off their already decent prices and they always have free standard shipping. (They are currently out of Inov-8s, but are supposed to get them in any day.) Just make sure you enter "crossfit10" in the coupon code box when you check out.

Rob said...

I just talked with asst. supervisor over Harney and bubble gym. The bubble gym is back open and heat is flowing. She didn't know what the problem was today, only that it had been fixed. I asked about some type of systemic problem and it was unknown if today's problem was the same as last week's. It's going to take more than 2 times without heat to get some help on finding out what is going on.

monroe said...

When given a cake and a live frog and told you must eat them both, eat the frog first.

I'm starting with thrusters.

james said...


I will be in there after the guest speaker today.

Bill said...

My wife and I did our first WOD at the bubble gym. That WOD was no joke. Those DU sucked. We just got in town over the weekend and looking foward to working out with you guys. Do you guys go through the warm up together or should we get it done before the 0515-0530 time? Thanks Bill

james said...

Bill - we get there around 0515, warm up and shoot the breeze together and then start the actual WOD 0540.

See you tmw.


Noah said...

Had my window of opportunity this AM before class so when faced with the prospect of a frozen tundra WOD or the warm, refreshing waters of the pool I opted for the pool. 25 minutes of laps, did not keep track of my distance, but it sure was pleasant!

james said...

Did it this arvo 17.11 - Double unders were better - sets of 20 ish then 10s and 15

Rob said...

50 x DU
10 x DL @ 225
19 x thruster (last rnd was 18)
The DU were the hardest to get through and I lost a lot of time messing around with them on rds 3 and 4; I should have done all of them right away and then worked the DL and thrusters

Rich said...

Rob- want to work on DUs a bit? I'm cleared to start jumping (lightly)!!

Rob said...

Rich - I'm ready to work DUs

james said...

Rob if you are getting 12:25 you clearly don't need to work the DU's !! I might start a competition called find Rob's weakness !

Dave said...

James - arvo?

Steve said...

Thanks to Rob for videoing the workout and pushing me. I decided to do everything sequentially: Double Unders, then Deadlifts (did 50x180#), then Thrusters. I am toasted! 10:21.

I would never recommend putting a mirror in the bubble gym, but it would help to watch yourself during DUs. About as good is a video. Also, invest in a good rope. I love my Rx rope. $40...get one for Christmas.

Here's a weird one: right after the WoD I started a sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes episode. I must be allergic to the workout! Anybody else ever had such a physiological reaction?