Dec 9, 2010


George - smoked after FGB 5 
George has been at IMCF day in and day out during his year at ILE. He has played a significant role as a trainer, manager of beyond the whiteboard and did a fantastic job organizing Fight Gone Bad 5 this year. Safe travels George.

For time using 95/65 lbs;      
20 Thrusters,  
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull,    
20 Push jerks,
20 Overhead Squats,    
20 Front squats;              
Every minute on the minute 4 burpees

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Gary P said...

So do we stop in the middle of a set to do the Burpees or wait until the 20 reps are complete and do the total damage all at once?

Rob said...

I think the intent is to do them every minute on the minute as an incentive to work hard through what remains of your minute; it will be challenging

Greg said...

This is going to be awesome!!

Dave said...

Indeed. Having done this WOD before, it starts off with 4 burpees. (Which, yes, means that you start your time with burpees...and you have less time to get your thrusters, etc. done). Every minute, you stop whatever movement you're doing and do your 4 burpees.

Yep, this one takes a while.

james said...


motivating to see everyones enthusiasm this morning

Dave said...

A story in doing this on your own vs doing it with a group who will push you beyond yourself:

I did this WOD, by myself, on the 15th of October. I started out as Rx'd, but had to go to the bar only (45#) on the OHS and FS. 23:00.

Today, did completely as Rx'd, and finished in 12:29. Yeah, HALF my previous time. You guys effin' motivate me.

If anyone is interested in seeing the vid of my pulling my 2K from yesterday, here it is:

It's pretty boring to watch the entire thing...even for me. Did notice that I wasn't slamming my heels down as much as I should. Also might not be finishing the stroke (fast hands in all the way to the sternum), but that could just be the angle from which the video was taken.

Mad, mad, MAD props to Rich for the recording and uploading of the video...particularly with everything else he's got going on.

Um...where the heck was Hoys?

james said...

If you are in town over christmas - the bubble will be open most of the time except:

24 Dec 0800-1800
25 Dec closed
26 Dec 0800-1700

I know Rob and I will be in most days at the normal time

Gary P said...

13:01 and did the set of burpees at the end. Scaled weight to 75, 75, 75, 45, 65. Probably could have used more weight as I was willing to work for longer.

Hoys said...

Disappointed that I missed this one this AM, but was the right decision to stay home to nurse my tweaked back.

Look forward to making this one up.

Well done to all--sounds like I missed a classic!

Noah said...

If anyone ever has the opportunity to herniate a disk in their lower back I recommend you pass on the chance. After six weeks of virtually no workouts I eased my way back into the game today with Deus ex machina, with no back pain! Was quickly reminded how fast your IWCABTMD can atrophy but am all the more determined to get back to where I was and beyond. Will pick up with the IMCF WODs again on Monday.

George said...

95# through PJ, then 65 for OHS and FS

Its been a great year. I've made many new friends through Crossfit and my morning workouts set the tone for the "best year of my life." I've been Crossfitting for about a year and a half now. In total I've lost 30lbs and just during the year at ILE I've dropped 5% body fat.
I'd like to thank Rob and James for stepping up the last few months and helping take IMCF to the next level. The website improvements, train-the-trainer and foundations classes have improved tremendously. IMCF is easily paying it forward for anything the college invests in training, equipment, and facilities through the increased physical fitness and knowledge dissemination.
Anyone heading out to Fort Carson look us up and keep in touch. I look forward to setting up a team box in Afghanistan next summer.

You can find me on facebook at (its under my wife's email) or anytime at

I'll stop now so I don't have to take Dave's 150 burpee challenge for the longest post.


james said...

Noah ! welcome back. Good to hear from you despite your DWCABTMD (Diminished Work Capacity Across Broad time and Modal Domains)

See you Monday

Rob said...

9:54 as Rx'd; I usually don't lay on the floor after a WOD but I had to today; the result was excessive spinning w/nausea so I quickly got up!

Played b-ball with unit team this afternoon; the first time in over 2 years; I'm still terrible at it but it was fun to be back out doing sport; I got hit in the L hip very hard and I'm limping; still, I'm going to see if I can get Bambi's siblings tomorrow morning (is anyone interested in going?)but will return in enough time to see Army beat the hell out of Navy!

scottnkelly9901 said...

17:50 - 95# for Thrusters, 75# thru remainder.

easterlr said...

Scaled to 75 since I was tight on time. I wish I had done it as Rx'd, though. Would have been good for me.

Nonetheless, time: 7:36

Rich said...

10:07 with 65lbs throughout. Knee felt great! I think I could have gone higher for all sets, minus OHS. SDLHP was pretty weak on form. Noah- I'm with you on the atrophy part. Not nearly as bad as a back problem, but with my knee, I know what your going through. But, I'll put the plug in here...I'm convinced without a doubt that if it were not for crossfit before surgery, I would be much worse off. I am also convinced that the fundamentals of crossfit, including form, constantly varied and scaling, have made my recovery that much faster! You'll be back at it in no time. See you Monday!

James- I'll be here for the break. I plan on keeping doing the WODs as normal during the holiday.

Phil B said...

Farewell George! You've been an awesome teammate and leader in iron major! George is seriously one of the unsung workhorses of our affiliate, exemplified by his work on FGB5. Thank you George, and I hope to bump into you again. Beat Navy.

Hoys said...

did this on sat

95# on thruster, SDHP, and PJ then 75# on OHS....

started with 75# on FS but my back yapped back so I did a 2:1 air squat for the 16 reps I had remaining.

essential a DNF for me, but with complete mod, my time was 12:46. Looking fwd to doing this one again sometime.

Dave said...

Hoys - strong work.

Not a DNF. You smartly subbed in order to keep from aggravating a possible injury.

Neal said...

Failed to post yesterday (Air Force WOD) time was 12:30. OHS are my nemesis!!! Gonna spend time on them 3x a week til I figure 'em out.

Big shout out to George!! He was the first member of IMCF I met and he welcomed me right in. Thanks for all you've done to support the affiliate. Take care.