Dec 8, 2010


Warm up:

Accumulate 2 minutes of L sits

or ....

Row 2K for time to compete in the "You versus Again Faster" comp and have the chance to win cool stuff.
More information (particularly on the contest itself):

Then ..

Backsquat 5-5-5-5-5

Get yourself to mainsite  for some well timed discussion on the backsquat and swimming, which might be useful if you were a log on Tuesday.

Post load to comments.


Brian said...

Jen, I hope this is not too late to get to you. Congrats on LTC, graduation, and PMS.

As you start your box, don't forget there is a large Navy ROTC Conglomeration there too (includes Navy & Marines). Consider trying to go joint, and you may be able to multiply your resources, as well as spreading the CrossFit love. I wish you the best with that.

Dave said...

Did the row this AM...nothin' like a b'day 2K!

6:53.7. Not really what I was looking for...but happy with it nonetheless. Splits:


Pretty much confirmed what I already stamina/endurance (both muscular and cardio respiratory) is not where I want it.

Opening 10-stroke sprint was good and strong (averaging somewhere south of 1:25, hitting 1:17 at one point), but settled into my race pace too low, and subsequently didn't have enough gas at the end.

(If anyone wants race strategy info, please let me know. Also, anyone who wants rowing/race COACHING instruction, please do let me know as well.)

Will be hitting up whatever awesome WOD Again Faster comes up with as WOD11 (WOD #2 for December) sometime next week; they should post it Saturday, I believe.

Thanks to Rich for the camera work. And thanks to everyone for the words/shouts/yells of encouragement, thanks. It might not have LOOKED like it was helping, but trust me, it was.

james said...

and nice dance with pukie afterwards Dave

today was the most constructive 5x5 I have done in a long time


The 185's gave me more focus on form rather than just lifting the darn thing - thanks to George for the coaching

George said...

L-sit: 2:45 to get a full 2min; worked tabata style 10-20sec work, 5 sec rest

backsquat: 215, 215, 245, 245, 245

here is a good calculator for 1RM or multirep maxes:

monroe said...

Warmed up with muscle ups, farmer walks, rowing.
Worked up to 205 for squats, kept that for sets across.
While I was on the road I worked a lot on push ups, squats, and pistols. Maintained 100 squats and push ups per day for a solid month. My muscle ups benefitted noticeably, now able to do "big boy" muscle ups without too much trouble. Pistols are really a good diagnostic tool for flexibility and identifying your weak/dominant tendencies.
Yesterday I was able to participate inthe TRX demo/work out. Ken Taylor gave a good class on the gear. You can do some of the same stuff with rings, but I found more versatility in the TRX gear. Good stuff to take on deployment. Thanks to COL Dave Mullen for bringing Ken to LVWTH.

Hoys said...

l-sits at 30 sec down to 20 sec intervals.

Back squat:


Much improved to last, still have plenty to work on, particularly buckling of knees at heavier weight. Great cues from J. Books.

Thanks for the assistance on CF supply vendors--went with Kettlebell king based on shipping costs.

Dave said...

Strong work by all today.

FYI...since I didn't do either the L-sits (something I most definitely need to work on) nor the squats (completely DONE after my 2K...which is generally how you're supposed to feel afterwards...would have needed a good 30-45 minutes to recover to get anything out of the squats), I will be making up the entire WOD sometime this weekend. Probably Saturday...but could be talked into Sunday.

Anyone else going sometime this weekend? Looking at Saturday morning, but only real no-go time is Saturday from 1200-1700, during which I will be watching Army beat the hell out of Navy.

Rob said...

L-sit: 30 sec on first round and then 10 - 20sec intervals

BS - 225 across; without concentrating on depth I end up about an inch short; Neal kept me straight and a few other coaching points

Congragualations to Class 10-02 IMCF graduates - George Coleman, Laurel Neff, Jerimiah Pray; if I missed anyone I apologize; good luck to all of you and drop us a line when you can

Neal said...

Managed to accumulate 2 minutes of L-sits...gotta work on my form, though (legs pretty crooked throughout).

Back Squat: 225# across. Gotta keep my right knee tracking over my toes. Thanks for the coaching, Rob.