Dec 7, 2010


Team Linda  (aka 3 bars of death)
Deadlift  1 1/2 bodyweight
bench bodyweight
clean 3/4 of body weight for
10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 reps for time  

Work in teams of three and rotate through the three bars. If you finish your reps before a team member  finishes theirs spend the time waiting in the squat position.

Some scaling ideas to get people started and reduce the time for set up in the morning.

If you have a 1RM Deadlift above 315 then use the following weights regardless of Bodyweight:
DL 255, BP 185, Clean 135.

Below a Deadlift 1RM of 315 use:
DL 185 BP 155 and Clean 95.

Dave H you should probably have a couple of ten pounders to throw on the bar quickly.

Total time is when the last team member finishes.

Reminder that IMCF CrossFit games meeting is on at 0615 tmw in the bubble.


james said...

So I fixed the DL scale so human beings can execute them !!

james said...

10F (-12C) today if you wondered why it was cold without the heating - 33.38 for team linda - scaled to 155 on BP from 6 to 1 - the cleans felt like I was lifting a feather pillow which was nice

scottnkelly9901 said...

Yeah, it was rather cold in gym. I still can't feel hands and to some extent my toes. Scaled BP to 135 (not a strong event for me) to maintain momentum - 22:51 for "light" scale otherwise. Should have added the 20 lbs to cleans.

Brandon said...

DL 255, BP 175, CL 115, done by myself, so no waiting, and I forgot to start my watch, but took around 30 minutes. James, when I saw the DL numbers last night, I was feeling pretty weak! I'm glad Rob set me straight before I started.

Hoys said...

our group (Matt, Greg and me) came in at 33:40.

Did CL 125, DL 225 on bumpers, and 175 on bench. DL my weakest link....clean not bad and bench no broken sets.

The cold was an unplanned but interesting conditions change... definitely was screwing we me and my hands!

George said...

w/ james and dave this morning. 33:38
Body wt: 200
DL: 255
BP: 185
CL: 135

I use to track my workouts. its a great tool for anyone who wants to start comparing power along with weights and time to check performance.

I last did Linda in July and my DL was 300, BP 185, and CL 135 but my time was 45:35 avg power output was 40.2ft*lb/sec this time I was at 49.6. almost a 25% improvement.

Using BTW is the second best $25 I've spent for Crossfit. The best being a journal subscription.

Dave said...

I think I might be thawed out now. (It's after noon now.)

As Rxd, my weights would have been (based on 208# bodyweight):

315 DL/208 BP/160 CL.

Yeah, not so much.

First, I did not warm up sufficiently. While the gym conditions definitely had a hand in it, I should have worked harder/quicker at getting warmed up. Here's what actually happened (with James and George on my team):

10s - 305, 205, 155 (really slow, causing my partners to hold the squat position far too long - scaled this down, no unbroken sets)
9s - 275, 185, 135 (mostly unbroken; hands finally numb, so no more hand pain)
8s & 7s - 275, 155, 135 (unbroken, now finally warmed up (legs and back))
6s to 2s - 295, 155, 135 (unbroken)
1s - 295, 185, 135

As James said, 33:38 total.

I feel that I could have gone Rxd on DL and CL if properly warmed up; not a good idea to have 1st rep at weight (or even close to it) be DURING the WOD. Bench press, along with most other upperbody movement, continues to be a long pole in the tent.

George said...

my wife is offering to help anyone improve their swim techniques (stroke, flip turns) she is promising Michael Phelps type results. It just needs to be before we leave Tuesday.

Dave said...

So George, let me get this straight.

Your wife can teach us all of this swimming stuff...and you nearly drowned yesterday.

Got it.

Steve said...

Freezing cold = Constantly varied, right?
I think the heat is working now. It was running when I left.
How 'bout that times flipping that thing. We could stand to get one a little bigger too.

Rob said...
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Rob said...

Team Neal & Rob 25:43
DL = 255
BP = 185
CL = 135
We kept a steady pace through the WOD with each of us having very little time in the squat; no need to comment on the cold!

I went to the TRX class today. It essentially allows you to do a variety of gymnastics exercises. It's a value added piece of kit, especially in an austere environment. If I had no access to other equipment, this strap could make a huge difference for me. I would use in in developing WODs. In an environment like we have here in the bubble gym, it is a supplement. I could see incorporating some of the exercises into a WOD, but it would never be central to my programming

BTW - I changed my login name from craigrr to Rob as more than a few times people in the gym have been looking for craigrr and asking me if I know who he is!

George said...

we all have our strong areas, fortunately my wife and I compliment each other. I can't run or swim and she can't move heavy things. Neither of us listens very well to criticism so coaching eachother doesn't work, but we can others who are more open minded...

Neal said...

Rob and I teamed up for 25:43, though he could have shaved off at least 45 seconds to a minute if he hadn't had to wait for me! Great motivation from Rob this morning.

DL = 255
BP = 185
CL = 135

Straus said...

Rich and I did 23:37