Dec 6, 2010

120710 TUESDAY

40 min

Run for distance or
Row for distance or
Swim for distance.

So here is the deal: rank the three activities above from 1 to 3, 1 being the thing you are best at and 3 being the worst. Number 3 is the activity you will do for the workout. I get the idea there will be a lot of us at the pool.


George said...

I'll be drowning at 0530. Life guards be alert!

james said...

I would offer to save you George but I know we would both go in if I did - every man for himself - see you there.

Rich said...

actually, rowing is my weakest. (I was an ocean lifeguard!) but, since George needs someone to look out for him, I'll hit the pool!

Dave said...

Hmmm...well, we all know what my STRONGEST event is.

Might be a toss-up between running and swimming between my weakest. But, since I a) can simply jog lighter and NOT drown (i.e. it's easier for me to slack on running) and b) I haven't been swimming recently, I'll go with swimming. Anyone have any goggles?

On another note (to Hoys, the programmer), any chance we can have a 2K row in this week? Here's the reason: Again Faster is running a "You vs. the Again Team Faster" in a series of WODs (that they make up, mostly). They're on WOD 10. It's pretty simple.

Row 2K for time.

The current leaderboard has the fastest time as 6:40 (which is an average of 1:40/500m). I should be able to beat that. (My best time in college - the last time I did a 2K - was 6:30, which is an average of 1:37.5/500m.) I'm not sure that I can pull that now, but I do know that I did a 500m time trial after the first rowing cert I did, and pulled 1:25-1:26 (not sure exactly, because I didn't have the monitor set correctly). And over the 6 rounds of 500m last week, I averaged 1:42.8 or so, (1:40, 1:42, 1:46, 1:44, 1:43, 1:42) but wasn't sprinting at the end of any of the pieces, and paced myself because I knew that I had a total of 6 to do plus the plank holds. (My plan was to row sub-1:45 for each piece.)

IF (big if) I (or anyone else) beat the team across all 3 WODs for the month, I can get some pretty sweet stuff (a sled, weight vest, and kettlebell).

I will need some help with this: it's got to be recorded (Rich, you mentioned that) and I've got to get it done by the end of Friday.

More deets (particularly on the contest itself):

The 2K itself is THE standard by which rowing teams (college, club, national/international teams) test.
For anyone who is wondering, the world record (for men) in the 2K is 5:36 by Rob Waddell, a Kiwi (i.e. New Zealander, not the fruit). Saw him pull his previous world record of 5:41. Effin' beast. 5:36, if my math is correct, is pulling a 1:24. For four consecutive 500m pieces.


james said...

Dave - you can actually buy googles at the harney pool from the front desk - anytime day or night as far as I can tell

Rich said...

Dave- tell me when and I can bring in the camera.

James- any idea how much the goggles are??

james said...

$16 ish ..I think maybe

Dave said...

James...sweet, thanks.

Rich...will let you know. (Kind of depends on whether or not Hoys includes it in his programming...for what it's worth, it might only be 6:30-7:00, but it's all pain if you do it right). If it's not programmed in, I'll probably do it for my WOD Thursday PM.

james said...

how do people swim everyday - they must hate themselves anyway 1300m - horrible

Rich said...

how many meters was the pool?? I can't remember. Anyway, I lost count (again...i need to start bringing pennies or get some pace count beads)but I can honestly lay claim to at least 32 laps plus or minus a couple. Not bad. The knee felt great and it was good to get some METCON that I could actually get after for the first time in a month!!!!

Rich said...
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Rich said...

OK- 1600m. Using James' lap count and distance, its a 50m lap. I'm a genius.

George said...

1,200 yds, plus a few tire roll/flips for fun with Dave and Rob.
The bubble is now the proud owner of 2 tires. Stewart said he would bring in some sledgehammers tomorrow. thanks Dave for coordinating the tire move.

my wife would like to remind everyone the pool is YARDS not meters...

Matt said...

After further review...I clocked 1800 yards. Plus my blue googles are missing, blue speedos. I think I threw them in a disoriented blur when I was done, so if you find them, let me know.

Dave's won the award for longest blog post ever. His prize is whatever James won from Dave a couple days ago for his blog trivia.

Gary P said...

1250 swimming. Far and away my weakest of the three and I had my moments last night where I considered not swimming, but I remembered we are supposed to be "working our margins." I am glad that I did. I was slow, but felt great.

Dave said...

Matt - you lack of faith is disturbing. I can write a LOT longer post.

1,300 yds. I'm with James...pretty pathetic.

Let's do it again.

Thanks to Rob and George for help with the tires.

Reminder: get your equipment suggestions to me by next Monday. Either post to the message boards or shoot me an email.


james said...

Gary - in the words of tinman(I think) I thunk those same thoughts.

Dave's prize is 150 burpees for time I believe.

My distance was 1300 yards this morning not metres.

Looking fwd to flipping a few tires at some stage.

Neal said...

1,825 yards.

Dave, George, and Rob...thanks for the tires...that's awesome.

Hoys said...

1610 yards swimming....or perhaps more appropriately water harassment. According to google, the conversion is 0.914 of a mile. Longest I've ever put together in a swim....not my favorite.

Dave, not sure what you are asking on modifying the programming. Don't you know we have a six week training lock in? Kidding. Perhaps we tomorrow we could do another either/or workout with the 2k row as one of the options no one picks.

Dave said...

Hoys - either sub a 2K row for one of your WODs or add it to the beginning of a workout, with at least a 5 minute rest before a WOD. If it doesn't fit, no worries...I'll just do it sometime prior to Friday (possibly tomorrow PM, looking at my class schedule) and makeup that day's WOD this weekend.

Could work on the front end of a ME lift day, though I wouldn't necessarily combine it with deadlifts or cleans. (Of course, I WOULD do that if I wanted to be really sadistic.)

Brian said...

I know I haven't posted much in the past few months, but I need to take a moment to express my gratitude for IronMajor Crossfit.

I was witness to Mark Monroe and Dave Maxwell's efforts to get it off the ground, and I got to enjoy its growth after Phil, and later Rob and James took the lead. The explosion of trainers in recent months has been nothing short of amazing.

I came to CGSC in the worst shape of my life, and I left SAMS stronger, faster and leaner than I have been since my time as a college athlete.

For the next ~5 months, I will be TAD to 9 different activities before reporting as XO of a Trident submarine. I expect to be able to influence a culture of fitness while I am there.

I have begun my TAD adventure, and this morning I got to work out at CrossFit Newport in Newport Rhode island. I plan to see as many Affiliates/boxes as I can during all of my travel, and bring even more ideas to the fleet.

Keep up the good work. I miss you, and I am thankful for you (The whole Leavenworth CrossFit Community). Sincerely,

craigrr said...

Brian - Congragulations on SAMS completion; what a tremendous accomplishment. You are also to be thanked for the POSE clinics and your affiliation/support of IMCF. Many people have better exposure to POSE becasue of your efforts and many are still implementing it.

We had one Navy officer in our last Level I cert and he's coming to the Oly Lift Seminar on 18 Dec. We hope to have another one in the next cert. If you have access to those in the incoming class, enocurage them to link up with us. Best of luck to you in your new assignment and drop us a line when you can.

craigrr said...

32 laps/1600yds - I needed about 20yds to get under 40min so I was just a little short; there is nothing fancy, smooth, or striking about my swimming, but I can get through a WOD; is there anyone who can give instruciton on stroke efficiency? I'd be willing to coordinate an effort for some swimming AI

Congrats alibi: I got to see Jen Bower get promoted to LTC this afternoon. She graduates from ILE on Friday and is headed to be the PMS at Boston University. She's already got plans to develop an ROTC box for her cadets to get with the program. Thanks Jen for all your help in foundations classes and the support to IMCF. Drop us a line and let us know how the 'BU box' is progressing.

Dave said...

Rob - I can't (as anyone who saw my "swimming" will attest it's more like "flailing"), but one of my SG-mates was a swimmer (i.e. swim team) from about age 5 though highschool. (He was on the USMA water polo team.) I MIGHT be able to talk him into some AI...but it will definitely have to be an afternoon thing, as he's not a huge morning-PT guy.

(When I said - humbly - that I did 1300 yds today, he laughed. When he was on a swim team, their normal daily distance was 8-10,000 yds. I think I threw up a little in my mouth when he said that.)

Straus said...

@ craigr: I can do a stroke clinic or AI for swimming. Swam a lot in high school. no speedo, I promise!

Worst event is running... After not running since my APFT and not stretching right for a couple of months I ran a whopping 3.57 miles and 10 minutes of that was walking...

Jen B said...

I'm out! Thanks to everyone for the encouragement, friendship, and support. Keep rockin'