Dec 2, 2010

120310 FRIDAY

'Eva T'

Five rounds for time

Run 800 (row 1000)
30 Kettlebell swings (2 pood/1.5 pood)
30 pullups

Eva T's blog often has lots of good information and workouts in it if you are on the road.

Dave Hudson's row clinics are on at 0530 and 0615 tomorrow. If being slow bores and demeans you then turn up and learn fast.


james said...

I don't care how cold it is tomorrow - nothing in this world could entice me on to a rower - i will be running

Neal said...

Sorry I missed out on the fun this morning...I'll be sure to make it up this weekend.

Based on my last Eva experience, I would recommend protecting your hands tomorrow, whether that's taping up or using the pull-up "training grip" (I think that's what it was called??) described in that video James posted awhile back.

Wish Jim Hoyman happy b-day when you see him tomorrow AM! He turned the big 3-5 today.

See ya in the morning...

Dave said...

Aw, c'mon James!

Couple things...would encourage all that can to run vs. row. (Rich, understand that you'll be needing a rower.) With the rowing clinics at 0530 and 0610 tomorrow, I'll obviously need the rowers for 5-10 minutes of each of the clinics (which would run approximately at 0545-0555 and 0625-0635...or so).

And on that note, I'll obviously need to do the WOD in the PM. Time TBD...all very dependent on when I'm out of class. Looking at about 1530 or 1600. Anyone else gonna kill it at that time?

Oh - and I've got a pretty good hand taping regimen. I can show anyone who wants to see it starting about 0515 until 0530 and then again about 0550-0610. I'll definitely be using it myself; the last time I did a total of 150 pullups, I ended up with handburger hands.

Happy birthday, Hoys. Fellow December birthday...good man.

John Hayward said...
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John Hayward said...

Firstly, there's no way I can do 30 x PUs in one sitting, let alone 150 in total! Do I sub with Jumping PUs?

Second, are the KB Swings single-handed or double-handed? If single, is it 30 per arm or 30 in total?


james said...

John - sub jumping or scale - like a half Eva run 400, 15 KB, 15 Pullup - do you have pullup bands ? (

Kettlebell are one armed

james said...

grim affair today - although running in the cold was actually pretty good - 47.23 rxed.

Happy Birthday Jim

George said...

scaled to 24kg KB swing
hit a wall on pull-ups on round 3. The run felt much better than running has lately.
thanks to Dave for helping tape up this morning, my hands much appreciated it.

John Hayward said...


thanks for that. I ended up doing 3 full rounds, doing Jump PUs on the first and scaled (60% bodyweight) for two and three. Arms just gave up and died after that so I did 2km row and 50 no-weight squats to cool down.

craigrr said...

I've had two experiences in the last 12 hours that have tested my 'man-hood'; yesterday I sighted my new .338 Win Mag and that is definitely a 'man's gun'! I shot 12 times and my shoulder felt everyone of them; today I was humbled by 'Eva'; 40:50 as Rx'd

I'm hunting this weekend in Burr Oak, KS with a few friends; we get back late Sunday night so I may not be in on Monday; have a great weekend

Happy Birthday Jim; any word from the PE in Colorado?

Gary P said...

54:00 with the first 3 rounds with a 54 pound KB and then the 35 pound for the last 2 rounds. First 3 rounds of pullups okay, and then last 2 with some using bands.

Neal said...

No excuse...see you on Monday morning.

A painful 43:34 as rx'd, but loved sharing the suck with the morning crew.

Dave said...

51:50 Rx'd (running) (cool time to have, though not in terms of quickness...first one to tell me why wins...something)

This one killed me; didn't do any KBS or Pullups unbroken (though close on the first round of KBS).
Despite taping both hands, ripped both on the 4th round.

Felt really drained before starting; when I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself around round 3, got my ass in (better) gear and ran the last two rounds as fast as the first, or thereabouts.

Thanks to Steve (Olson) who really pushed me. I'll give him the honor of posting his time...will tell you that he crushed it, though.

See ya'll on Monday.

George said...

two guess:
1) Police code for you're crazy or a crazy threat to yourself

2) Bacardi 151 as "that 51/50" Mix half a pint of 51/50 with a 20oz of dole paradise blend. You won't be able to taste it, but you damn sure will feel it.

james said...

I am going with the name of the Van Halen recording studio or album

Dave said...

And James is the big winner! Well, close enough...correct answer is "the SEMINAL Van Halen album, 5150." The album cover has a rather large muscular man in the Atlas pose (complete with large globe) with a chain around his neck that reads "5150."

Now I gotta figure out what, exactly, James has won...

Hoys said...

45:51 as Rx'd. 2 pood hurt me. Was splitting the KDS and pull ups 10-10-10 until the last rnd, did the KBS 15, 15 and pull ups 10, 8, 6, 6. Felt slow on the run.

Neal has made me a believer in the gymnastics style taping with callous shaving/sanding. Don't confuse this with manscaping---purely pragmatic. Haven't had a hand blood letting in some time.

Do proceed with caution if Neal as you to feel his soft hands.

James rang in the soonest on 5150... but the Van Halen 5150 album spent two uninterrupted years playing in my high school car. A classic.

james said...

10 points for use of the word SEMINAL surely the prize is the ability just to yell out 150 burpees for time whenever I please and we all get to drop and do them ?

Steve said...

39:44 Rx', but not fun. Thanks to Dave for some motivation this afternoon. On the technique side, I did not tape and did not rip. I recommend a hand toughening regimen of intense water skiing Mar-Nov. I don't file my calluses, but I do keep them dry as a bone with chalk. In case you are, stop soaking your hands in Palmolive!