Dec 1, 2010


6 Rounds for time
Row 500m
plank for round's row time

See what a plank or prone hold looks like below (and check the instructors cool accent)


james said...

so if you aren't sure - here is how it goes - row your 500 lets say its 1.45 then go to the prone hold for 1.45 and then row your next 500 lets say it takes 2.05 - prone hold for 2.05 etc until the six rounds are done.

FYI Dave Hudson is running 0530 and 0615 row clinics at the bubble on Friday if you want to learn how to make your C2 rower go fast.

Rich said...

James- just thinking as we pave the road to the games, do we want to start filming some WODs to check forms, etc? That can be my contribution...I have a DVD camera which is easy to then cut up and post. Thoughts gents? I'll post the same on the road to the games post.

Dave said...

I don't know...guy sounds like a wanker to me. ;)

Hoys said...

enjoyed doing this as a team wod. Matt and I came out with 26:04.

Fought the battle to stay unbroken in the plank...although may have "arched in the back or sagged in the middle" at times.

james said...

25.56 for Rich and I - uniquely horrible WOD - I held about 1.53/500 on the rower after a 1.39 to start with - that would have been inconceivable before I did Dave's row clinic and started thinking about rowing more efficiently. I lost the battle of the plank at least twice per round.

Wanker ? is that like a Flaming Galah or Drongo ?

Dave said...

Did this as an individual (vs. team), as I was a few minutes (10 or so) late.

Overall time was about 35:00; the time keeping of this proved to be beyond my initial cognitive reach.

Individual rowing splits were as follows:

1:42 (I think...rowing monitor and I had an argument)

The planks is where I lost all of my time, mostly due to my shoulders more than my core.

Okay, now a discussion on the time aspect of this. I'm not sure if it was a function of not enough rowing machines for the number of athletes (probably - very viable reason), but I viewed the timing of this to be an issue. Ideally, there would be an overall running clock for everyone, and then each individual would need to have their own watch/stopwatch to actually time themselves on the plank to ensure they actually held the plank for the corresponding rowing time.

For instance, my first rowing split was 1:40. Therefore, I should hold in the plank position for 1:40 NOT INCLUDING REST. If I sagged/went to my knees or bowed my back, I stopped my stopwatch until I was back into the plank position. (As the rounds progressed, I found I was stopping to rest more and more, again mostly due to my shoulders.)

As most of the athletes were doing it today, it basically became "how long can I hold the plank position while my partner is doing his 500m"...which is totally different.

Again, I'm not saying that the first way was even feasible given the number of athletes and rowing's just important to note the difference. (By doing it the second way, my "time" in this would have been closer to 20:34, plus transition times...but with less time actually in the plank position.)

At any rate, great job by everyone.

james said...

Dave - I mused over the same in the plank position - I think what you say would have been the correct 'pure' interpretation of the WOD - as it happened it morphed into not really being for time because I didn't lose time if i dropped my plank while my partner rowed.

It sucked at any rate (in a good CrossFit way)

craigrr said...

I partnered with George; fortunately we were within +/- 5 sec of eachother - or so it seemed; neither of us had to wait to get into the seat to row and there wasn't any rest time after the plank; I didn't keep a total time but I think George did;

As for the plank, I did not plank the entire time either as mentioned by Dave; I had intervals between 30sec and 10sec with 3-5sec of rest

My row times were:

George said...

running clock total time was 26:05
as Rob mentioned were were pretty close, my planks were more in line of a tabata-ish 20 sec work, 2-5 sec rest

Nick said...

Row times


I held the plank for the associated time except for 2 breaks for the first 2 rounds and 1 for the last. (defining a break as a failure.. ie I bit it)

Rich said...

Yeah, what James said. My splits were on average around 1:55 per; plus or minus a second or two. I felt good rowing, and today was the first time I really tried to get after it with my knee. Sore, but in a good way. I was amazed just how fatigued my legs were. Dave- looking forward to the rowing clinic tomorrow. I hung in there today, but I would love to shave a few seconds off!! As far as musing over the time....I must be doing something wrong because while rowing or in the plank....all I could muse was that this really sucks, regardless of what the clock said. (in a good CrossFit way)

Straus said...

Just by myself. 28:52. I counted rests as part of my 2ish minutes of planks...

Rage Peterson said...

26:05 as Rxed. Plank was mind over body for every second. No better way to stop time.