Nov 23, 2010


Five Rounds For Time
50 Double Unders
15 Thruster @95lb
15 Pull Ups

If you are on the road sub an odd object like a child, suitcase etc for the barbell and 30 pushups for the pullups. If you don't have a skipping rope buy or steal one to travel with. Note in the "whats new" section on the right hand sidebar there is a link to WOD for the road.

The IMCF hoodies are in, (I am typing in my resplendent red one as we speak) see Rich to get yours and if you haven't paid him then do so. Late payment fees will be paid in bulk burpees.


easterlr said...

Do you Iron Majors sub tuck jumps or 3:1 normal rope-jumps when you can't do double-unders?

Rich said...

Ryan- it depends. If you are comoing in the morning, I can help you work double unders before the workout. Bottom line however, if you can't get the rhythm of jumping and staying vertical, simply work one jumps, and go for speed and do 2:1. My two cents. James, the official answer???

Rich said...

James- love the new meal of the day!!

Matt said...

I'm afraid my post for today may get buried under the 30-something comments, so here is a re-post.

Contrary to earlier post, I will not be WODing at 0530 tomorrow, I'm traveling for T-giving earlier than expected. I'm looking for ideas on how to WOD while traveling, if anyone has any. I'll be in Orlando. See y'all Monday morning!

Bedellb said...

That's a great video James. See you there tomorrow.
To the group, is there any way to measure out 75 feet in the gym?

Justin said...

I have a 100' foot tape measure that I'll bring in tomorrow morning.

If I miss you what do you need measured off?


craigrr said...

Matt, In reference to looking for WODs while traveling there is a link on the IMCF page that has WODs that require no equipment to very little equipment. Look over to the right side under 'Upcoming Events' and click on Workouts for the Road.

In the first post there is a .pdf that lists these WODs. If you have trouble finding it send your e-mail address and I'll get it to you.

Dave said...

Sweet! I'll actually be able to make this one up at home...actually have the equipment for it. Looking forward to doing it Friday or Saturday.

As for the DU sub - generally, I only do the tuck jump sub if I don't have a jumprope. Otherwise, I do 4:1 (as I had seen/heard somewhere a long time ago - but not sure where). Yes, this will take you substantially longer (and hence, an impetus to work on DUs). But it also gets you working on your rhythm (in general) with a rope.

Here's a great site with an excellent progression:

(As an aside, Again Faster has a very good series of instructional videos on many moves - some as basic as the pushup to some of the more complex ring movements. The instructor on most of these "Mic'd Instructors" is the owner of Again Faster, and one of my Level 1 instructors, Jon Gilson. I'd advise everyone to check the site out. Completely free.)


John Hayward said...

I forgot to bring in the skipping rope this morning so I'll be sub'ing the DUs for 24inch box jumps, still x 50.

I hope all is well out there and the imminent arrival of the UK contingent doesn't fill you with to much dread for the Iron Major competition! ;o)

Matt said...

Note to self: Self, read what's included in the latest posts (WODing on the road) before asking questions about WODing on the road.

Thanks for the info, Rob. I should be able to access those links no problem. Happy Thanksgiving.

james said...

I constantly ask myself "is what I am doing making me fitter." Of course this question begs a definition of "fitness" and the most convenient to hand is CrossFit's "three models". This discussion might provide some type of template for deciding to WOD if you are sick, run down or super sore. The first model is the ten physical skills, within these 10 skills adaptation or improvement in the organic ones (cardio vascular endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility)is most likely to occur favorably when the intensity of the workout is high. Intensity is unlikely to be optimmal when you are sick, sore or generally cooked. This doesn't mean you can't WOD but it might be a good idea to focus on neurological adaptation in the physical skills of coordination, balance, accuracy etc. By way of example I had a cold this morning so the thrusters and pullups were well off in the intensity stakes but the double unders were probably useful in that they worked the neurological skills of coordination and accuracy. The second model is the hopper model - which basically says you are fit when you can crush anything that comes out of the hopper: for example a 10km pack march or 30 Clean and Jerks for time. There are two components to this ability one physical - one mental, the physical component should be examined in the light of our discussion of the 10 physical skills and intensity above. The mental component is important enough to warrant doing a WOD feeling like you are going to die so that you develop the will to do so. As Patton says "Unless you do your best, the day will come when, tired and hungry, you will halt just short of the goal you were ordered to reach, and by halting you will make useless the efforts and deaths of thousands.” In this regard there is probably goodness in attacking a WOD that may not be doing you any favors physically to develop that mental strength. The finally model is the three metabolic pathways, we know that CrossFit focusses heavily on the first and second pathways as it is adaption in these pathways which provides the most efficient route to general physical preparedness. Again, intensity counts in this model if you want the quickest adaption. In summary, if sick or sore, your options are: don't WOD if the intensity is going to be less than optimum, WOD or scale if the WOD allows some adaptation in neurological skills independent of intensity or finally WOD like a lunatic to train your mind to drive you on when the bodies condition is sub optimal. I also say that it is important to choose before you get to the box because once you get there it can be difficult to say no to a WOD, if you haven't already steeled yourself to do so.

So anyway, this morning: scaled to 4 rounds, 25.09, the double unders were horrible but a necessary evil. Shout out to Rich who was back into this morning as part of his recovery.

Rich said...

I'm back (at 75%)!! It felt great to get back into a full WOD today. Still can't really give it the intensity I want, but it felt good. I subbed 400M row for DUs and I scaled to 45lbs (bar only) for thrusters. Did all 5 rounds in 20:57. Knee is a bit sore right now, but a "I worked hard sore" and not real pain. A little ice, and we'll see how it feels. Thanks for the shout out James- your DUs look better! It's now your turn to coach and push me on MUs!

craigrr said...

20:12 as Rx'd; difficult mentally to get going; I got 50 DU in a row in the 1st round and then sets of 10 to 25; thrusters were 15reps in a row first round and then sets of 8 and 7 and then 5 - 5- 5; I'm looking forward to the rest tomorrow