Nov 16, 2010


As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 13 minutes

10 Deadlift @ 225lb
5 one legged squats (per leg)
15 burpees


easterlr said...

What is a good substitute for 1-legged squats? I have never tried them as part of a WOD before, and am unsure if I'll be able to sustain them.

craigrr said...

Ryan - I would suggest scaling the 1-legged squats; to do that position yourself next to a bar, wall, door jam, etc.; go down as far as you can and then grab onto the pole to finish your descent; you can also stand on top of a box to do them as that will give your non-squatting leg some room to move

james said...

Early I know but can I generate any interest to enter an affiliate team in the Crossfit games sectionals and regionals next year - I figure they will be in Apr - May - it might give us some good training focus

John Hayward said...

I am relatively new to IronMajorCrossfit, having visited Leaenworth late last year. With no crossfit gyms / affiliates in our part of the UK it's a bit of an uphill struggle to get it up and running.

That said, I'll keep going although may take today off after a week of 7 mile Endurance Course, 9 Mile Speed March and 30 Mile Cross-Country March.

keep up the great work, there are many of us in the UK who subscribe to this page!

Straus said...

3 rounds and a few extra deadlifts

Hoys said...
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George said...

hotel WOD 1 complete.
400m run
10 dips


I was going to do pullups, but the hotel pullup/dip apparatus wasn't bolted down at all and nearly tipped on me during my warmup, so I went with dips instead. I should have gone to 25.

james said...

maintain the rage George - trashing hotels - I like it.

today: 4 rounds - then in the 5th round all the deads, one legged squats and 11 burpees.

Thanks John !! nice to be appreciated

scottnkelly9901 said...

3 rds + 12 1/2 burpees. Scaled single leg squats with balance assist; o/wise as rx'd.

james said...

so ... no one interested in an affiliate team for 2011 ??

Neal said...

Forgot to post yesterday...10:06 as rx'd.

Todays' WOD...completed 5 rounds plus DL and a couple one-legged squats (scaled one-legged squats by standing on a box to allow non-squatting leg space to move). Great push, Rob.

James, Real interested in the team...let's talk about it tomorrow AM.

easterlr said...

4 rounds + 2 DL as Rx.

Decided to learn by doing on the one-leggers, and was able to knock them out pretty consistently.

My deadlift form needs work, though.

James, I know I'm not an official member, but if you're still looking for people to go out for the Games in 2011, keep me in the loop. I'd definitely be interested.

james said...

Ryan - if you WOD off this blog thats about as official as it gets!!

So for planning data - Midwest sectionals were 13/14 feb in St Charles, MO the regional was in CO in late Apr - if we make the finals then we can talk about that then !!

George said...

FGB 5 t-shirts are in the mail!! As soon as we get them I'll post a message and start bringing them in for people to pick up.
If you workout other than with the morning crew I'll shoot you an email and we can set something up to meet.

craigrr said...

5rds complete then DL complete and 4 1-legged squats on first leg; I can do the L 1-legged squats ok but have to hold on to a bar for the R leg

George - how is the altitude treating you? I hope the new quarters are good

I'm interested in CrossFit games stuff

james said...

okay my final comments on games stuff for now:
(1) the team can be six athletes two of whom must be females (crossfit results you are on notice)
(2) there is no team comp at sectionals but we might want to enter as individuals for the experience
(3) yes i am excited about this

Rich said...
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Rich said...

Recovery WOD #4- Muscle Up Progressions (i'm so close yet so far), then 3 rounds of 10 Knees to chest and 10 pull-ups, then hand-stand push up progressions.

James- i would love to work the teams option. I would likely not be one of the 4 guys, but would love the training focus! John Hayward- who are you with in the UK? Would you take a pic of your group and send it to James- I think it would be cool to see a pic of your group on the page.