Nov 9, 2010


Skill: Turkish Get Up. 15 each arm with a 35lb KB.


Five Rounds for time:

Row 500 metres
5 Muscle Ups
5 Front Squats @ 185lb/135lb

Your weight for front squats must start on the deck - don't take it off the rack!!

For the coaches out there I have consolidated the IMCF coaching notes and TTP.


Noah said...

I'll be trying this one at ~1400 for anyone interested.

james said...

If you don't have a muscle up then the sub is 4 pull ups and 4 dring dips per MU so that would be 20 pullups and 20 ring dips per round.

Noah said...

If anyone can recommend a quality foam roller I'd appreciate it. The first one I bought was a piece of FOD and a waste of money. A search turns up infinite options so I don't want to buy another piece of junk.

George said...

Noah- I'm happy with this one from amazon:

i've had it about two months and use it most nights for 20mins and my wife uses it occasionally. it is still firm and not warped or flattened anywhere.

james said...

22.01 - interestingly enough when we did the 5x5 strength WOD about 6 weeks ago I used 185 and obviously wasn't fatigued from the rower like I was today - has anyone else got a similar comparison - have I got stronger? or did I sand bag the strength WOD?

George said...

30:54 subbing 4-1 on muscle ups and 135 on front squat.
the FS was difficult, but i was burned enough that my row form was horrid on rounds 3-5
pullups and dips felt fine, but the cardio aspect was the limiting factor today

Hoys said...

22:08 but scaled front squats @ 135--nxt time want to do more like 165.

happy about my muscle ups...lots of yelling but have been struggling with technique. Put three together somewhere and only failed on 1 attempt.

great wod, thanks James!

Rich, if you're reading, yes-- black sweatshirt-- Thanks!

craigrr said...

23:35 as Rxd; without encouragement from Neal and James I would probably have been beyond 25min - thanks; as for James comment on getting stronger I struggled with 185lbs today, I thought about dropping after Rd1 but stuck with it and sacrificed time; I probably could have done more on the 5 x 5 FS of 6 weeks ago; I'm looking forward to the next FS as I know my technique for FS has improved

Good news story - I made it through all the MUs today and I attribute it to Kelly Starrett's mobility WODs that I started doing about 2mos ago; I mostly quit MUs this past January and would sub due to shoulder pain; by being smart with pain management and doing Starrett's mobility WODs I completed all MUs and 4hrs later have no discomfort much less pain; below is a link to the CFJ video of his 2-min drill Part 2; Parts 1, 2, and 3 have been very helpful for my shoulder; you can get the Parts 1 and 3 as well as many other great mobility WODs through the link below

George sent out a link for foam rolling that I thought was good as well

Neal said...

20:26, though I subbed a 400m run on round 4 due to rower unavailability. Getting better at the rower, but still inefficient- probably averaged 2:04-2:08/500. Regarding the FS, while it was definitely hard today, I felt more comfortable with it than I did several weeks ago on the 5x5...not sure if I am stronger or was just shamming that day.

Noah said...

25:37. FS scaled to 115 after round 1, weak I know. Was happy that I could do muscle ups throughout though.