Nov 22, 2010

TUESDAY 112310

For max distance and reps

2 minutes row as far as possible
2 mins max Muscle ups (sub 2:1 muscle up progressions)
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes row as far as possible
2 mins max Handstand Pushups
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes row as far as possible
2 mins max pullups
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes row as far as possible
2 mins max Pushups*

The pic below shows a CrossFit Muscle up at the bottom of the movement. This is what we need to get to in the muscle up, I know that I short cut them by not going to full arm extension.

* CrossFit Standard Pushups - chest to deck release the hands at the bottom

Post reps and distance to comments.


james said...

In case you were wondering the 2:1 progressions sub is for scoring - so if you do 30 progressions that counts as 15 MU for scoring

Rich said...

Anyone have an extra lacrosse ball I could borrow for a while? I want to test some of the pressure point theories on my back and spine.

James- I'll work out on Wed and possibly Friday. Are you out of town Friday?

easterlr said...

Is anyone going to be in at 0530 to WOD? A buddy of mine from KSU and I will be there at that time.

Rich said...

Yes, there will be a group of us there at 0515. Usually about 6-8 of us. See you then!

John Hayward said...

What are the substitutes for Muscle Ups in the absence of rings?

3 Dips & 3 PUs per MU?

Crossfit hasn't really caught on in quite the same way over here in UK Mil.

Straus said...

524 m
3 progressions = 1.5 mu
501 m
8 hs p/u w/ bands
487 m
22 pull up w/ green band
472 m
40 pu

james said...

muscle up progressions are probably better - if you want to learn to ride a bike at some stage you have to get on the bike - this journal link might be helpful:



james said...

drop your excuses people !!! IMCF now has a meal of the day widget thanks to Matt at Foodee - if you click the meal on the right hand side of the page you will that links you straight to his awesome blog

james said...

I know this is my third post in a row but...2070 total this morning and 9 MU, 18 HPSU, 23 pullups and 29 pushups - I would be interested to know if anyone else managed a 130m discrepancy between their first and last rows

Hoys said...

560m/5mu/530/0 real HSPU, held handstand, bands not avail/530/44 pull ups/520m/50 push ups

thanks again to rob for assistance on dl.

Dave said...

6 MU Progressions (3 reps)
17 Pullups
31 Pushups

Total distance = 2,339m
Total Reps = 54 Reps

REALLY liked this WOD. Combined something that I'm good at but could push myself (rowing) with at least two things that I need work on/are the bane of my existence (MUs and HSPUs). Since this was my 5th consecutive day of WODs, concentrated on "form" to get as full a range of motion on these two as I can manage (vs. subbing/scaling to get max reps).

Planning to take next two days off (full day of travel followed by a day of rest and thanksgiving - and tryptophans). Will hit up the posted WODs as best I can with limited equipment at the house.

Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Dave said...

James -

That discrepancy will diminish as you practice more rowing, both in knowing how to "pace" yourself and how to harness your power/inner beast for the latter rounds.


easterlr said...

500m/8 muscleups
512m/12 HS pushups
529m/32 pullups
514m/31 pushups

Total Meters: 2,055
Total Reps: 83

Very cool WOD.

Thanks for staying after to help me slay my goat and work on my deadlift form!

james said...

John - sorry missed that you didn't have rings - try a bar muscle up progression.


George said...

smoked this morning. after the row I just couldn't catch my breath
row: 582, 520, 510, 502
MU progression: 8 so 4 reps
HSPU: 6 with 2x20 sec holds
pullups: 16
pushups: 27
total distance: 2102
total reps: 53

Gary P said...

528m and 14 muscle ups jumping. I did squat down and extend the arms, but feel it was easier to get up than it should be but working the transition from the pull to the dip was great.

506m and then 7 HSPU. I am uncomfortable on the wall and could have pushed more out if I wasn't afraid of landing on my head or if I could have just balanced better.

518 m and then 18 pullups

496m and then 37 chest to deck pushups.

John Hayward said...


Bar Muscle Ups it is then. I've never considered them and am not confident I can even get them done but you've got to start somwhere, right! I can manage a relatively healthy 14 Pull Ups so should be able to get my chest above the bar at least once to transition. We shall see.

In the absence of that knowledge I sub'd MUs for 3 x Dips and 3 x Pull Ups instead. I didn't bother timing / measuring myself as I rarely do with CF anyway. I just go at it hell for leather for as long as it takes. I do know that I managed over 520m on each of the rows though.

craigrr said...

557m, 8 x MU
563m, 30 x HSPU
543m, 35 X Pull-ups; shorted my self about 20sec as I messed up my timer; wanted 45reps
511m, 45 x pushups

total = 2174m, 188reps

rowing is coming along much better since Dave's row clinic

I want to mention Kelly Starrett's mobility WODs again; 8 x MUs isn't many, but I'm back doing MUs after an absence; I'm not pain free, I use ice after WODs, and I am choosy about the prescribed WODs; but I know without a foam roller, lacrosse ball, and band I wouldn't be doing any MUs

james said...

Rob - you need to get with Kim amd talk maths !!

james said...

I have included a link to workouts for the road in the "whats new section" (top of the right hand toolbar)

craigrr said...

118 and not math is good, it's the swollen (fat)finger that I 'jammed' today at our Turkey Bowl; BTW - the over-40 team or 'Regulators' (of which I am a proud member by almost 5 years) destroyed the Young Guns' by a score of 13 - 8 (ultimate football)

I briefly mentioned rowing in the last post; to address James' thought on discrepancies between first and last row I will say that what has made a big difference for me is getting full compression at the catch; what I want to focus on next is not loosing my mid-line stability at that compressed position becasue that will hopefully translate into good explosion into the pull...I learned all of that at Dave's row clinic

scottnkelly9901 said...

7.5 mu (15 progressions - still learning scaled difficulty accordingly)
16 HSPU (still need practice to get full ROM)
21 pull-ups
51 push-ups

Good WOD. Still developing skills for MU and HSPU (among many other things). Hope you all have great Thanksgiving.

Neal said...

I've been a delinquent poster over the past two days. So...

Yesterday's WOD:
2x 135#
7x 145#
6x 155#

Today's WOD:
Row= 545m
MU= 11
Row= 503m
HSPU= 14
Row= 510m
Pull-ups= 51
Row= 501m
Push-ups= 52

Total Row= 2,059m
Total Reps= 128

Great WOD! Enjoyed (despised) it...Have a great Thanksgiving!

james said...

I know false grip is a problem for me in MU - some training ideas at

Rich said...

OK, after reading FOREVER at the awesome posts, I realized that I'm looking for small victories here. I haven't logged most of my workout for the last three weeks due to the recovery, but the good news today is that I can start rowing again. So, back to some METCON!!! I have to stay at 75% and not go all out (right) but it's a start. So, I'm back in the game tomorrow. Also, I have the sweatshirts!!! I'll bring them to the WOD tomorrow. They look great!

George said...

Big news for Iron Major gear. Fight Gone Bad 5 shirts arrived today as well. You should have an email from me. I will be out of town for Thanksgiving, but I will start bringing them Monday morning. If you didn't get an email from me, but think you earned a shirt (fundraised $150 or more) let me know.

Matt said...

Contrary to earlier post, I will not be WODing at 0530 tomorrow, I'm traveling for T-giving earlier than expected. I'm looking for ideas on how to WOD while traveling, if anyone has any. I'll be in Orlando. See y'all Monday morning.

craigrr said...

Matt, In reference to looking for WODs while traveling there is a link on the IMCF page that has WODs that require no equipment to very little equipment. Look over to the right side under 'Upcoming Events' and click on Workouts for the Road.

In the first post there is a .pdf that lists these WODs. If you have trouble finding it send your e-mail address and I'll get it to you.