Nov 24, 2010


For time:
50 squats
40 Burpees
30 Box jumps
20 Ring PushUps
10 GHD SitUps
5 Ring handstand pushups

Subs for on the road are: box jumps .....come on man surely you can find something to jump on, 30 normal pushups for 20 ring Push Ups, 20 normal situps for GHD situps and 10 normal handstand pushups for ring handstand pushups.

Wondering how to do good box jumps?

Box Jumps from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.


Brian said...

For time:
50 squats as Rx'd.
40 Burpees as Rx'd
30 Box jumps as Rx'd (used a bench)
20 Ring PushUps (incline pushups w/ the bench)
10 GHD SitUps (unsupported regular situps)
5 Ring handstand pushups as Rx'd

Dave said...

- as Rx'd, except 20 abmat situps (no ghd in my garage gym) and 10 regular HSPUs (my HSPU are barely there; did 2 then 1-1-1-1 etc; doing ring HSPU over a no-padding concrete floor not feasible/safe).

Wife thought HSPU were particulalry 'funny' and snapped a few pics.


Jen B said...

Made this one up today. 9:16 as RXed.