Nov 10, 2010


'Swingers Annie'

Kettle Bell Swing (55lb) and double Unders

If you don't have a KB because you are home on veterans day then just do plain ole Annie with situps instead of KB swings.

The gym will be open from around 0700 tomorrow if you are heading in.

I have attached a good article from CrossFit East Sac which might be of use for us 'brute force' type lifters.

If your shoulders are tight (you know who you are) then get some mobwod like in this video.


Rich said...


last effort for this order. I need to finalize the order on Friday. Right now at 22 shirts, so no issue with getting the order in. Any last requestes, email ASAP, or we'll have to wait for a second order!

George said...

Annie0 DU and situips subbed singles at 4-1; 6:08
about a 2 min improvement at that sub; made all the singles straight through
then spent about 15 minutes doing some "advanced" jump rope skill work. high knees, reverse direction, butt kickers, one leg, and ran 200m while jumping. Motivated by my 4 year old jumping with me. She also did a scaled version of Annie changing when I did.

Neal said...

7:09...subbed sit-ups for KBS.

james said...

James - DU calamity !! 12:59 I think my last was 8 or 9 minutes so i might need to practice more (Situps subbed for KU)

Bill said...

My wife and I are flying out to KS tomorrow to do a recon of the area. I would like to swing by the IMCF box on Saturday. We have a few questions about the area, cable, internet, food, etc. Please email me at Thanks Bill