Nov 3, 2010


Practice Handstands and One legged Squats for 30 minutes. Here are some handstand variations and scaling. If you are okay with the basics - work towards taking one hand off the ground when you are handstanding against the wall. There is also an excellent three part series on the CrossFit Journal regarding handstand pushups.

Then, depending on how sore your shoulders are, do the following for time :

20 Handstand pushups
5 one legged squats per leg
15 Handstand pushups
5 One legged squats per leg
10 Handstand pushups
5 one legged squats per leg


Matthew said...

I have the APFRI appointment tomorrow morning, so no WOD for me. I'll be there for support and help with form, though.

james said...

Thanks to Dave for a great row clinic.

7.57 for the WOD

craigrr said...

Great row clinic this morning - thanks Dave

WOD 5:48; one-legged squats on R leg are difficult; I needed to use the pull up rack for about half of them to get full depth

Chad helped me with hand stands on the open floor; using the fingers and palm to grip the floor was helpful in stabilizing; he also suggested that I start the hand stand from a full up right position instead of on the ground on all fours; I can get up to 5sec of a stable hand stand (ocasionally) and would like to get 10+sec on a consistent basis