Nov 19, 2010

Saturday and sunday

Hi all - here is my big idea for this weekend - its called "Smoke your Goat". Here's how it works, I write two things down on a piece of paper that I really suck at (CrossFit things obviously). For example mine would be:
- double unders and running intensity after the first round

I give my piece of paper to a trusty buddy, say Rich, and Rich becomes my inner voice. When it looks like I might not practice double unders for a few days he says "Hey, James how about we do 100 double unders" or when he sees me slacking in the last 400 in Nancy he says "remember, intensity". So starting Monday find a buddy and smoke your goat.

Rich do you need the bit of paper or does this post do?

Rest, make up WODs or if you are spending some time in the car like us folks going to KSU this weekend follow Kstars vid below.


Justin said...


Just left the gym and didn't see your foam roller.

CRCF said...

Hi there,

When we were there for the rowing clinic (thanks again!), we saw a roller over by the desk near the entrance.


Dave said...


Found it. Some kind soul put it in one of the lockers for me. Thanks all.

easterlr said...

Alright, James... When will you be WODing this week? I'll be in town at least the next couple of days, and am stoked to come in and knock out some WODs with you guys. Are you keeping the usual 0530 start time?

Dave said...

Anyone else think that "Smoke Your Goat" should be the motto for the IMCF Affiliate Team?

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Dave - I like it - alternately "kill the goat" the motto could be r a goat being cleft in twain by a razor sharp staff officer.

Ryan and alcon

- Harney is open normal hours Wed, Closed Thur and 0800 - 1700 Friday.
- I know Rob is Wodding 0530 on Wed I intend to join him if anyone else is in town.

- If you are wodding Thur or Fri - speak up on time and place please.


Dave said...

James -

Yeah, 'Smoke Your Goat' probably has too many connotations. 'Kill the (or your) Goat' would be better.


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Dave - I didn't even consider those connotations until you mentioned it!!

We need someone who can draw to get busy on a logo