Nov 12, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

George kicked off a discussion about Paleo breakfast this week - I think it is a good idea to throw it open to a wider audience.

 If I am home then its an omelette everytime - but it gets trickier if you are packing breakfast; cottage cheese and fruit is an option but is it truly Paleo ? There are some good recipes and suggestions here. If you have any other info, recipes or suggestions please post them to comments.


George said...

what do you eat for breakfast and/or post workout snack?

what are your favorite recipes?

i make breakfast shortly after I get home. normally that consists of scrambled eggs and chocolate milk.
for the scrambled eggs I use 1 cup of egg beaters, a slice of cheese, and 2 tablespoons of salsa

Bedellb said...

I have a Paleo cookbook that I can give you. If you guys want, we can post it on the website. It is about 70 pages.

Bedellb said...

Sorry I gist looked at it, it's 48 pages.

Rich said...

How about a section on the website for a recipe of the day? Not necessarily pure Pale, but at least high protein, low processed carb, etc, etc. I have a few I can throw on there too. Personally George, my breakfast is 3 egg whites, 3 slices of turkey Bacon with salsa and some OJ.

craigrr said...

DISCLAIMER: This post is not about diet, sorry!...IMCF needs some volunteers

This Thursday we need help for a CrossFit demo to the A910 elective class. Mark Tomlachoff is a CGSC instructor that teaches A910. It is a new elective (only been taught last term) that focuses on fitness. Part of what Mr. Tomlachoff does is include a 1-hr block on CrossFit and he asked us do it. Phil and I spent an hour with them last time. I think he has 9 students this time.

The class is this Thursday from 1330 - 1430. Feedback from last time indicated that students would have liked to see more demonstration on the equipment i.e. WODs.

Below is the schedule:

* What is CrossFit? 10min
* athlete demos a WOD 5min (this WOD will be scaled but demonstrates some of the equipment and exercises we use)
* CrossFit Methodology & Nutrition 15min
* athlete demos a WOD 5min (using different equip and excrcises)
* Programming 10min (talk about how WODs are created etc.)
* athlete demos a WOD 5min
* A910 students do Tabata squat 10min

I'm looking for a few volunteers to do the WOD demos. As you can see they will last only 5min or less so you won't be overworked i.e. you could still do your normal WOD and do the demos.

If you have someone that you have been working with and is new to crossfit I think they would be a good fit for this. It would be a good demonstration that crossfit is inclusive; it is for everyone. We could show that you don't have to have mastery of the skills to be a crossfit athlete.

If anyone is interested in taking one of the 10min lectures let me know ASAP.

james said...

Rich - do you go freshly squeezed or is there some OJ out there that doesn't have buckets of sugar in it ?

james said...

Rich... yes that was a little throwdown !! james

Rich said...

It's not freshly squeezed.... Some guys like chocolate milk, I have OJ. I'm not giving up my OJ. You can't make me.

Phil B said...

just got back in town after a few days hiking on the Appalachian Trail. We hiked about 35 miles over 2., 5 days, with thousands of feet in elevation changes. other than my ankle being sore, my leg strength/cardio endurance never was maxed. overall, it was really encouraging. miss working out in the morning, sams continues to ratched the pressure as we get close to the end. i should be joining the crew again later in the week. great comments on paleo breakfasts...i usually do an egg white omelet with avacado's and/or guacamole on top, and couple it with strawberries or other fruit.

james said...

phil - have you sold the kids or did you take them with you ? sounds like a fantastic break.

Phil B said..., jen sucked it down with all the kiddos while I went and played in the wilderness. It was seriously incredible. great hiking, great weather, at a perfect time when work has gotten a little ridiculous.