Nov 5, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

This is what the MWR guys tell me the gym will feel like on Monday when the heat gets turned on. (That's Darwin, Australia in case you were curious)

I NEED a IMCF photo to send to mainsite to increase our fame. Any snappers out there please get busy taking photos.

Rich Martin is looking for anyone who wants an IMCF Hoodie like the one shown in the pic below except in black or red. Cost is not finalised but no more than $17. Let him know size at or and give him cash.


Jen B said...

Maintenance guys were troubleshooting the heat issue yesterday around 1300 when I was busting out the WOD. It was like a sauna inside the box and about 50 outside...made for an interesting WOD.

Jen B said...

There is a trail run tomorrow at Wyandotte County Lake Park. It's free for military and vets. Awesome park, fantastic running community, tough but fun trails. More info here:

Dave said...

I was there when the maintenance guys were finishing up. They said it was so warm because they had to run it full-steam to make sure that it was gtg, and that it should now work like a "regular" heating system, i.e. shut off when it reaches a certain temperature and turn back on when it gets down to a certain temp.

Guess we'll see on Monday.