Nov 14, 2010

MONDAY 111510

Nasty Girls

Three Rounds for time

50 squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 135 lb Hang Cleans (see below)


james said...

if Sage doesn't have the best hang power clean in the free world I don't know who does. As an aside, here is the link to the original Nasty girls video.
Most of my CrossFit goals revolve around just being competitive against against any of these girls. So 9.54 is the target time tmw.

George said...

if beating a girl doesn't motivate you then try running a marathon in a gas mask and body armor.

Rich said...

i'm open to any suggestions for alternate programming for me to replace squats....since I can't do those. Any ideas??

Bill said...

My wife and I flew out to Leavenworth over the weekend to do a recon of the area before we PCS there next month. We did a WOD at CF Results Friday night then we went and checked out IMCF gym. Wow, I wasn’t expecting anything like that. That place was great. We are really looking forward to working out with you all next month. Thanks Bill

james said...

Bill - glad you liked what you saw - see you next month.


james said...

10:11 rxed

George said...

17:37 subbed 4-1 pullups/ring dips

Dave said...

My muscle ups are not yet where they should's the question: better to scale/mod the MUs so that I get pushoff from the ground, or do the 4:1 sub with Pullups/dips?

james said...

Dave - I spent 9 months trying to do muscle ups. I say if you have less than 15 pullups and 15 ring dips then sub pullups - if you have around 15 pullups then its all about the actual MU technique so do MU progressions.

easterlr said...

Exactly 11:00 as Rx.

I did it with two buddies here at KSU. Their times were:

12:02 (75lb cleans, sub 3:1 pullups/dips for muscleups)

16:27 (1st time ever doing cleans; scaled to 75lbs, sub 3:1 pullups/dips for muscleups)

I'll be in Leavenworth for a couple days over Thanksgiving break. Looking forward to rocking some WODs with you Iron Majors.

Rich said...

James- can you and I work MU progressions tomorrow for warm up?

Bill- where are you coming in from? Most of the guys posting are the morning crew, around 0515 or so...look forward to seeing you next month

Hoys said...

10:27 as Rx'd

was able to string 4 mu together at one point....getting incrementally better on these (not as much animalistic yelling)

good times this am...great group


Gary P said...

18:26 with pullups and dips for the muscle ups. Slowed myself down dropping the weight in workout from 115 on set 1 to 95 on set 2 and 3. Squats were fine but I probably could have gone faster. My mouth was super dry to this morning and made breathing tough.

Neal said...

8:29 as rx'd. Was great to have Greg join the crew.

Rob, quit shammin...James missed you this morning.

Bill said...


We are both coming from 3ID. I'm at Hunter and my wife is at Stewart. My wife and I are looking for a good crew to workout with. So, the WOD starts at 0515? We should be there 13 Dec. Where can I get one of those IMCF shirts? If anybody wants to shot me some info on the area please do so at We will be moving into parkway court in leavenworth. Thanks Bill