Nov 7, 2010

MONDAY 110810

'Fire Mission'

Your mortar squad is broken down into pairs, one person carries the ammo (20lb med ball) the other carries the base plate (45lb plate), you can swap as often as you like (don't worry about the tubes some other team has them). Your mission is to suppress an objective to allow a company attack. There are some other details of the mission but you kind of tune out during the briefing because you just want to know how far you have to haul heavy stuff. In 35 minutes you need to:

Move more than a mile with your equipment to your firing point (point A),


Conduct the fire mission as a pair of two rounds for time:

- Guy with plate, lunge walk 80 metres with the plate overhead (between the portable toilet and the Hastings house sign)

- Guy with the med ball sprint the 80 meters and at the Hastings house sign do med ball cleans until the guy with the plate arrives

- walk 80 meters as a pair back down the hill to the porta john and swap equipment if you like

Then extract via same route (tactically unsound I know). Your transport leaves at H + 35.

IF you return to base after H+35 you will find it has been overrun. You are to abandon your equipment and swim 400m across a nearby river to an RV with the quick reaction force.

No BS points:

- yes you are swimming if you don't make the 35 minute cutoff( we have three lanes reserved)
- wear your shiny belt when running
- it is the pair's responsibility to navigate to the firing point if they choose to use routes other than that marked then so be it.
- If pairs don't work then go as a trio(one base plate- two ammo balls), if there is only one of you take the med ball and use it for both cleans and lunge walk).
- no, there isn't a bad weather plan, come prepared.

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Rich said...

This looks like fun...sorry I won't be able to make it. I bet it will be cold and having a nice IMCF sweatshirt would be awesome! Can't help you this time, but order one now for the next James Davis Special!

james said...

Nice sales pitch Rich - don't worry I guess we will get plenty warm quickly

Noah said...

After 6 hours of C601 I think I'll be needing this one. I'm trying for a 1615ish start time (or earlier if class allows) and need a partner if anyone is interested.

james said...

35.06 for the fire mission - the trucks were literally driving away as we arrived - swimming the river was not fun

Hoys said...

team "off neal's 45 lbs slinging coattails"


swim untimed and unimpressive!

George said...

as the trucks pulled away, i rocked out my lunges then jumped in and nearly drowned. after 11:07 the current washed me up on the opposite shore...mission complete.

question of the day: how do you know when crossfit has taken over your family?

answer: when your 4 year old doesn't want to come inside for dinner because she still needs to do more pullups off the tree in the front yard

craigrr said...

missed extraction by mere seconds; 88M's were laughing as they sipped on their Starbuck's and pulled away

10:05 in the water; would have been eaten by the corcodiles

scottnkelly9901 said...

34:14 as Rx'd (solo); fired addtional fire mxn from base (wall balls) in case I was sandbagging at Point A.

Noah said...

My fire mission was a failure. Yes, I ran with a med ball (solo) on my shoulders for 27:30 but my route study was inadequate as I missed Pope and kept running up Grant. Disgraceful I know. Not sure my actions on the objective were IAW the rules either. Ended up running 2.3 miles and did more lunges and cleans back in Harney from 29:00 to 35:00 as penance.

james said...

Noah - I think you have met the intent ...even if the execution was a little off - six minutes of lunges and med ball cleans sounds brutal