Dec 5, 2010

120610 MONDAY

6 x 20' rope ascents, untimed


AMRAP  15 min

35lbs dumbbell/kettlebell thruster 9 reps (9 per arm);                                
burpee broad jump 1/2 length of gym
bear crawl back to dumbell/kettlebell

See below for kettlebell thrusters and  burpee broad jumps


james said...

Check the road to the games site (right hand tool bar - whats new) I have posted more info. (Thanks to Dave Hudson for finding it)

Don't forget - this Wednesday 0615 will be the IMCF games team meeting numero uno

james said...

Gary Taubes has a great new blog

Hoys said...

good times among jumping frogs and bears crawling this am.

got 5 rnds finished with the thrusters of rnd 6 complete.

If anyone is interested in building their own 20 or 24" plyo box let me know. I've built several based on a crossfit journal article. Christmas is acoming!


james said...

6 rounds + thrusters + burpee broad jump - just started on the bear crawls - nice WOD

ropes were fun too

I am interesting in building boxes Jim - are you around over Christmas?

Hoys said...

James, not around over Christmas, but will be doing some building this weekend...we'll discuss.

Next question, best vendor for kettlebells, rubberized weights, rings, or oly bars? I've surfed a bit, but would like to go with some validated quality.

james said...

Again Faster

Rogue Fitness

Outside of these you risk a quality loss - both are reasonable a price/quality balance.

If cost is a major driver then craigslist is the answer - there are always bars available locally. How good they are depends!!

George said...

4rds complete, about 10 ft shy of rd 5 when the bell sounded.
only did 1 rope, will make them up throughout the week as skill work

George said...

forgot to mention I scaled KB to 20# for rd 4 and 5

Gary P said...

5 rounds

Dave said...
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Dave said...

5 rnds + thrusters, all 6 ascents with very little problem.

Hoys - on the equipment, I'll parrot what James said. AF is a little pricey, but they are generally more high-end. Jon Gilson (owner and one of my L1 instructors) will cut a deal if you order a package, even by your own design.

Another option is Garage Gym ( I believe, google it) is also a good site; they fab a bunch of stuff as well, like a combo squat rack/ghd that I've had my eye on.

You're going to pay for it in shipping. An alternate is Play It Again Sports. You can find some good deals on higher-end stuff, both new and used. The one in Fayetteville regularly had York bumpers at $1/lb and KB for $1.80/lb. There's one in Overland Park...haven't been there, call ahead to check current and incoming inventory.

Steve said...

I did some research on equipment this weekend. Some other sights with decent prices, focused on CrossFit include:
Garage Gym:
Christian's Fitness Factory
MuscleDriver USA

I haven't purchased much from them, just researched. The two James mentioned have the most connection with CF. I did just buy my Pendlay lifting shoes (Closeout $95 - Air Force Blue!) on MuscleDriver.

The most confusing for me is the level of quality I need for bumper plates. For a bar, I'm convinced the Burgener-Rippetoe bar is perfect for CF:

Unless you get a package deal, I think shipping is the killer. I researched KBs and shipping doubled the cost. I found Troy KBs are well priced with a good reputation at about $1/lb.

I then found Kettlebell King, based in Missouri. They have Troy KBs and other equipment. The best part is that you can pick-up your order in KC MO for $10!

Resistance Bands - I read good things about Iron Woody ( bands and they are well priced. I ordered a set for some band lifting and will let you know how it goes.

For those building a garage gym perhaps a group buy would reduce the prices?

Finally, is the group interested in tires for flipping? I think TireTown will hook us up for a low price. If so, who has influence on the bubble gym purse strings?

james said...

Rogue fitness is talking about free shipping on various offers. If there are folks looking at getting a package lets consolidate what we want and we might be able to save a bunch.

Tires !! yes we want them - I believe there are plenty of tractor size at Gruber if the equipment manager (Dave you know who you are) wants to coord getting them across to the box.

scottnkelly9901 said...

4 rds and about 10 feet shy on bear crawl for 5 even. All 6 rope climbs with no issue. Hands still thrashed from Friday/Saturday's WOD. Need someone to show me how to tape hands.

Dave said...

This is what I have:

1. A truck with four full-sized doors and a full-sized backseat

2. Permission from Mr. Leonard Lewis, FMWR Adult Recreation Director, to move two large tires from the outside of Gruber Gym (side opposite the street) to Harney Gym.

3. An understanding of how we request FMWR to purchase equipment for the Bubble, and encouragement from Mr. Lewis to do so

What I need:

1. 2-3 guys to ride with me in my truck tomorrow morning after the WOD to pick up the tires (one is definitely at least a 2-man carry/lift), ride back with me to the Bubble, and unload them.

2. A wish list of equipment for the bubble. IMCF will then prioritize said list, and I'll submit it. (No, Neal, massage tables won't be on the list.)

Here are some preliminary ideas, not necessarily in any order, based on what I've seen both in CF Games competitions and at Tucker Gym at Fort Bragg:

Prowler Sleds
Additional ropes (for pulling the Prowlers)
Weight(ed) vests
Another 2-3 2-pood KBs
Plyo bands (for working the rear chain...can explain/show as requested, as I have a couple personally)
High-density foam rollers (and a "bin" to keep them in)
Timer clock (something akin to what CF Results has)

These are just a few things that come to mind. I know that there are more out there.

I'd like to get this list submitted before we all take off for the holidays; cutoff for suggestions is a week from today, 13 December.

(James, if you would, please post the request for equipment ideas on the main page, or shoot it out to the trainers at large.)

Scott - can show you sometime how to tape; Neal definitely knows how to as well. Just let me know when you're available and have a roll of athletic (not medical) tape. Pretty sure they have it at the PX.

james said...

Holy crap Dave - you rock !!!

Neal said...

6 rounds + thrusters + burpee broad jumps -just started on the bear crawl

Dave, I was really excited about the possibility of a massage table...darn. What about some Palmolive?

craigrr said...

Weekend WOD: The Hunter
- Move cross country at least 20 miles in combo of open and wooded terrain
- carry about 40lbs of kit to include rifle and ammo
- Haul over 900lbs of deer carcass 4 of those miles
- do all of this at 20 degrees celcius
- complete as a team WOD

Not for time, go for max weight and enjoyment!

craigrr said...
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craigrr said...

Scott - there are different ways to tape and it's worth it to learn and try a few to find what works for you; I use a very minimal approach and it works well for me; I'm in the gym at 0515 and I'd be happy to show you

Dave - great work getting 'stuff'; I'll be around to help tomorrow morning; as for the list there is another guy in the loop that helps get equipment; we need to compare notes/sources/efforts and maxamize our results; thanks for all the work

scottnkelly9901 said...

Rob, I won't be able to catch you before you WOD. Will try to catch you in the morning. Next time I see you I'll hit you up. Thanks!

Rich said...

Today- had to scale since I couldn't doing the broad I did the KB thrusters RXd and then did 10 ring push-ups per round. 6 rounds with 7th round of KB thrusters. Knee feels good!!!

Straus said...

4 rounds!

X6 Rope climb was fun... I pulled a 1/2 inch fiber splinter out of one hand and a 1/8 inch splinter out of the other...

Dave said...

Wait...I thought it was Neal who had the soft hands?