Nov 30, 2010


Phil B's Farewell WOD

Phil B before CrossFit found him......what else needs to be said

In appreciation of Phil's contribution to training, motivating and mentoring as a key part of CrossFit Iron Major over the past two years. Safe travels Phil.

Warmup - Max Double unders in 3 min


Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5


Olympic Bar (45lb) 1 arm push press 5-5-5 per arm. Skill practice, perform each movement in a slow and controlled fashion focussing on form.

Post deadlift load and double unders to comments


james said...

great article

Phil B said...

Gents, I'm truly humbled by wod tribute. Especially since I really felt like I've let our little community down numerous times, only to have others pick up my slack. Then again, that highlights the nature of our growing group of friends/athletes/coaches, and our commitment to each other.

Ya'll continue to motivate me, and I'll keep posting as I move into my next job.

I count it as a blessing to work out with all of you, and will genuinely miss it. I'll post a longer "thanks" at another time. For now, let's get to work and suffer together.

Dave said...

111 DUs. (Got 60 in first minute, then couldn't get rhythm back and spazzed myself to getting all of 51 in the next two minutes)
Dave no like Double unders.

275 - 290 - 315 - 345 - 385
5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5
Thinking I might have cheated myself on this one by starting too low. Had some left in tank at the end, didn't really come close to failing. Also didn't help that my math sucks...thought I was doing 395 on last set until unloading the plates.

Having said that, Dave like deadlifts. Think I might be on my way to my goal of 450 1RM.

One-armed Push Press:
5-5-5 as Rxd, then did one more set of 5 each arm with 65 lbs. (It struck me that doing it with the bar in front is harder, balance-wise, than the bar over either shoulder, but I could be wrong/simply uncoordinated.)

George, Rob, and I messed around with one-armed snatches afterward - they both got 75lbs with each arm; I managed 65 with my right (dominant) arm.

Phil - been great getting to know you in the short time we've both been here. Fair winds, my friend. I'm sure we'll run into each other again, especially if I go back to 5th MISB.

PS - James, that link doesn't directly work for me, and I believe that those articles by Morrison are only for CFJ subscribers (which I am and did get the article regardless). Just FYI.

Nick said...

Thanks for all of your help and encouragement! Hopefully we will see each other downrange at some point! Keep up the good work!


james said...

Double unders - one step backwards two steps forward - arm position and efficiency is improving but I have lost some in coordination. 47 miserable DU for the three minutes.

5x 315 on the DL - I was happy to maintain reasonable form throughout.

One armed PP press were fun and found my 'balance' improved rapidly throughout. I landed (badly) a one armed 95lb snatch which was exciting.

Dave I think you are right about the bar over the shoulder - but I think the preferred way is in front. (that's a polite way of saying easier isn't better)

Phil - I have benefited immensely from you with regard to coaching. I didn't really get the structure and discipline of CF coaching until coaching with you at IMCF. Keep posting, visit Australia and practice double unders. James

George said...

51 double unders; I don't think your shoulders are supposed to reach muscle failure that early.

DL: 295, 305, 315, 315, 325(failed on 4th rep)

one arm PP was hindered by the double-under muscle failure. balance was improving through the sets.

why is a one arm snatch with more weight easier? thoughts to ponder.

Phil- it was great getting to know you this year. best of luck to you.

Nick said...

Im headed to the gym to do this wod at lunch.. can anyone give me some pointers on the one armed push press.. Im envisioning doing it like a reg push press.. but with the bar perpendicular and of course in one hand.. is that the general idea?

james said...

Nick you got it - exactly as you describe - check the video on the post - it kind of makes sense once you start doing it was well.

Nick said...

65 DUs..was having problems stringing them together.. I guess I was spazzing as well.

286-286-296-296-306 Felt good for being away from heavier DL for awhile.. (My garage gym only has bumpers up to 245...I need to speak to their manager.. haha)

one arm presses with the olympic bar was an eye opener.. I did the 3X5 with the bar.. I felt as if I could have went heavier.. but didnt want to flame out infront of everyone at tucker gym.

Hoys said...

did 65 du which was a vast improvement over previous.

DL, my nemesis....
225, 225, 275 (w/ 4in bumper), 245, 245.

Going to work DL into daily warm up.

Phil--as always, you rock. God bless you and your family---been a great time with you here at FLW. Congrats on SAMS grad! Jim

Neal said...

Thanks for all you've done for our affiliate here. Every time I turned around, you were doing something to make IMCF better. Thanks, Bro. We'll be keeping you and your fam in our prayers. Proverbs 3:5-6.

DUs: 196
DL: 225, 275, 275, 305, 315 (decent form through first three sets, though got a little cat-backed at the heavier weights)
One-armed PP: 45, 55, 65 (I did them over the shoulder today...gonna try them in front tomorrow AM and see how it differs. Sounds like it'll be much harder based on the earlier posts.)

monroe said...

120 DU's
225 across for the deads
Did the presses with 55# KB

Fair winds and following seas, Phil. Man, I thought the sideburns were impressive (and out of regs). Stay in touch.

Phil B said...

great turnout this morning, and a fine sendoff from great friends.

DU's: a pathetic 26 (thanks rich for the coaching)
deadlifts: 275 across (thanks to neal and jim for the coaching)
one-armed push presses: worked up to 65#, felt pretty good.

I will miss all of you, and while a few of you have done lion's share over the past couple of months, Rob and James have really raised the bar with what our little nonprofit affiliate can accomplish. I'm pumped to follow ya'll on the road to the games. please don't be a stranger, we will see each other again. Thanks especially to COL Monroe and Stewart for the mentorship, I hope everyone gets to know them while they're here. Sir, my sideburns are never out of regs.

craigrr said...

Phil - you are going to be missed. I appreciate your coaching, the mentorship with all things IMCF, the encouragement, and most of all your friendship. May our Heavenly Father bless and protect you and your family.

DU: 164
DL: 315, 315, 315, 335, 335
PP as Rx'd
Did 1-arm snatch w/75lbs

Rich said...

I'm itching to get back to DUs- Stayed light on DL due to the knee. 165 across. Knee felt good. Did 1 arm PP and like James said, really cool to see my balance improve with each set. Good point of performance to check each time is that you move the chin out of the hurts like *#@! if you don't. With James' coaching did 65 lbs 1 arm snatch. That was cool!

Phil- good luck and God speed to you my friend. Stay safe, keep your head down, and never hesitate to call an AH-64 for some cover....we'll be there every time. I can't say how much working out with IMCF has been a complete surprise and how impressed I am each day with the affiliate and humbled that guys like you let me work out with you. Thanks for what you did for us here.

C.L. said...

Phil - Shout out from San Diego. Thanks for your help, friendship, and the coaching during my year in Leavenworth with the big green machine!! It's much appreciated, and I can say IMCF was a literal life-changer for me. You, Jen, and the kids have a place to stay anytime you're in SoCal. Maybe I'll run into you in Okinawa when I get over that way.

Straus said...

1x135 and 4x205 with 1 double under