Nov 28, 2010

112910 MONDAY

Five rounds for time of:
5 Muscle-ups
115 pound Overhead squat, 10 reps
15 Toes to bar
20 Abmat situps

A reminder for those involved in foundations that it kicks off tomorrow. Coaches start time is 1615 and athletes 1630. The lecture will be in the racquetball court.

I intend to run a preliminary meeting to discuss involvement in the 2011 CrossFit games as an affiliate. My working date is Wednesday 08 Dec 10 @ 0615. Post to comments if this works or doesn't work for you.

Watch the CFHQ crew  get busy with todays WOD below.


Dave said...

Am I to assume 2:1 MU progressions to MU's for those of us still working our MUs?

Rich said...

Dave- that is what I did. I had to scale the OHS for my knee as well.
19:50- 2:1 pull ups and ring dips for MUs, 45lbs OHS, 10 toes to bar (I screwed this one up, I could have done the 15, I just missread the board!) and 20 ab-mat SIT-UP
Knee felt good on the OHS, but I think I'll hold with light weights for a bit.

james said...

thats one option Dave - rich went with 10 pullups and 10 dips per 5 MU this morning which seemed to work.

23.09 for me this morning - TTB destroyed my abs

George said...

22:47, subbed 3 rope climbs for muscle ups, scaled OHS to 85#, and my TTB were knees to elbow/shoulder.

FGB 5 shirts are here. If you earned one and I don't see you regularly at the gym post your classroom/small group and I'll put it in your box this week.

Zoran said...


I very sorry, but I can not come today for Foundation. I be there from tomorow and the rest of the days.

See you on Tuesday

james said...

No problems Zoran - see you later in the week.

Hoys said...

whoa, this wod about did me in. struggled on mu slowing my time significantly. did 95 on set 1,2 on OHS then down to 75.

32:53...but finished!

Neal said...

17:36. Scaled on two movements to take it easy on the shoulder: did 30x OHS using PVC pipe (instead of 10x OHS at 115) and did 15x knees to elbows instead of 15x toes to bar).

James, looking forward to meeting about possibilities of our team going to the Games.

craigrr said...

24:45 w/ 1 set of MU and then 4 sets of HSPU (3:1 HSPU for 1 MU); after 1st set of MU R-shoulder started to hurt

Matt H said...


Did OHS with 75 lbs for first two rounds then went to 45 lbs

Jumpped into the MUs

Rage Peterson said...

23:18 with following scaling:
(1) 2 Pullups / 1 Muscle Up; (2) 10 115# normal squads; (3) 15 Ankles to Bar; and (4) 15 ABMAT Situps (read my book wrong). Light headed for an hour after workout.