Oct 25, 2010

TUESDAY 102610

Skills: Turkish get up.

Then As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 12 minutes

7 med ball cleans (20lb)
7 burpees


Phil B said...

rx'd: 13 rounds + 6 MBC's. just couldn't keep on rob and neal's pace.

worked TGU's with heavy bar.

craigrr said...

14rds + 7 MBC's; worked TGU technique with 15lb and then 55lb; 2 x 10 TGU with 35lbs; I should have tried heavy bar as I've never attempted it

Neal said...

14 rds + 5 MBC's.

Thanks for some good coaching from Rob on TGU.

Jen B said...

Had some fun with TGUs. First I went with 20#, then 35# KBs, then with the smaller bar.

I got 11 rounds plus 7 cleans plus 1 burpee. I felt kinda sluggish on burpees today.

Gary P said...

I did the workout at home and subbed a 25 pound plate for the med ball as my med ball is only 12#
12 rounds, but I went 18 seconds over 12 minutes to complete Round 12.