Oct 20, 2010



4 x 8 minutes rest 2 minutes between intervals.

Post total distance covered.

There is no restriction on how many modalities you use here so run,row,run,swim or row, run, row, row and the other bzillion combinations are all good.

I am posting an article on avoiding ripped hands in anticipation of Friday's WOD. Also in anticipation of Friday's WOD is this little gem via Phil Brown about getting past the pain.


james said...

so my plan tmw is to use the murph mile track and the 400m at the bubble and then go run/row/run/row - will try and hold down 2 km for each

Noah said...

5610 meters. Row, run, row and swim. In the spirit of full disclocure, it took me 3 min and 45 seconds to get in the pool after the second row. Great workout, James.

Daryl said...

Longtime reader, first post. Row, run, row, swim
Total. 6025
Good workout and ditto Noah on the pool transition.

Phil B said...

i did not do a great job of keeping track of my distances, but i did all four on the rower.
1998m (duty will not wait..)

that was painful. and my hands/forearms will continue to thank you tomorrow.

Hoys said...

did row-run-row-run

2050m 1.21mi 2075 1.07mi

Rich, the Cody run we did from front door to stop sign was 1.21mi.

craigrr said...

Row, Run, Row, Run
2050, 0.9mi, 2030, 0.9mi

james said...

1850 run/2050row/1650 run/2050 row

james said...

Daryl - welcome aboard. Credit for the WOD belongs to George - I just post the things!!

Neal said...

All rowing for me: 2003m/2010m/2006m/2050m.

Thanks to James for some great coaching on the rower. I gotta get more efficient.

Noah and Daryl, great to have you guys. Would love for you to join the morning crew sometime.

Speaking of, let's all come out tomorrow AM and share some pain together...rumor has it that we're doing a Hero WOD which makes it all the better. See you tomorrow ~0515ish.

Rich said...

Row, Run, Row, Run: 1960m, 1.21mi, approx 1800m, 1.0mi. Jim, thanks for the distance. James, I could use some of the coaching you gave Neal on rowing...I would like to be more efficient as well. See you guys in the morning.