Oct 13, 2010


Back squat 3-3-3

Then Four rounds for time of:
10 KB swings (55/35)
25 double unders

If any of the folks doing fundamentals are looking for a summary of the concepts which Phil and Rob have been discussing, like the CrossFit pyramid or the ten general physical skills then here it is.


Rich said...

Squats: 205, 225, 205. 225 was pretty ugly on form, so I dropped for the third set. I'll get it next time. The WOD, RXd, 3:04.

craigrr said...

BS 245-245-245; concentrated on not 'dipping' on the way up from the bottom of the squat

METCON 3:30 as Rx'd; I couldn't get 25x DU in a row; I had the stamina to do it but not the coordination

Another great morning training newconmers at Foundations; tomorrow will be the last day; we have just over 25 in this group; thanks to all of those who are helping out; we'll do the KSU one on 20 Nov 10 in Manhattan (I'm still working concept with CPT Johnson) and then one in late Nov that will allow 10-02 students to get one more chance

Phil B said...

worked double unders for a while, or at least they worked me.
sub'd 3:1 for double unders: 4:58

james said...

225 across on the back squats. 4:51 for the METCON... double unders ..what to say

Neal said...
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Neal said...

225 across on the back squats.

METCON: 3:02 as rx'd. Good push, Rich.