Oct 6, 2010


Run 4 x 800 or row 4 x 1000 rest for exactly the length of time it took to complete the interval.

Compare to 10 April 10.

Nice picture from CrossFit Endurance which shows good vs bad running technique. Go and check out their site for some running skill drills.


Brian said...

Some time soon, after the foundations class, I will offer the condensed Cross Fit Endurance skill class again.

james said...

I will be at the track around 0520 tmw. Jame

craigrr said...


George and I are going to validate a buddy WOD he developed for OCT. We'll see you Friday.

Hoys said...

1000m row with 3:42, 3:40, 3:43, 3:39 splits....last one was with Neal's motivational assist.

Neal, Rob was right, 1600m is 30.4 feet short of a mile. Good news that's 10 easy yards when you are putting on a track meet...

Jen B said...

I'm still recovering from the Iron Major fun...I met my goal of improving in every event. Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough to win it.
Pullups 11
L2B 14
Dummy carry/ruck run 1:16
crabwalk/airfield lap 39:13

11-02ers: If you plan to compete, make sure you go down there and practice pullups and L2B on that bar...it's fat and tough on the grip. Plus they tape it with a tacky tape that rips hands (well, mine, at least). It's a fun event and I felt it was a good test of how much improvement I've made from my first attempt in June until now.

Brian said...

Jen, Good job on the IM competition.

I did the track option today:


Adam said...

As RX'd: 2:49 - 2:53 - 3:01 - 3:01