Oct 15, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

In case its needed, here is my trigger point article from Friday.

CrossFit, means or end? For most of us I think we start CrossFit so that we are better able to do other things like climb mountains, play with our kids, run up stairs and win our nations wars. But, over time it seems to become the end itself - which is okay too - Phil made me think of this the other day when he said that his wife asked him "When are you ever not sore from CrossFit?" We need to use all this "increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains" !! The weather is perfect - so use the means this weekend !

Maybe there is a middle ground? Blair Morrison's anywhere fit is all about doing WOD's in cool places. Todays video from anywhere fit is of Aaron WODding in my home of Darwin, Australia. I know it looks green and lush but its actually the hottest place on earth.

Ruined by Tracey from Aaron Griggs on Vimeo.


craigrr said...
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craigrr said...

I appreciated James' comments on today's web page. After having two surgeries on my ankle my level of sporting activity diminished to 'zero'. CrossFit has helped my gain back some of my 'work capacity...modal domains'. I am physically active again. But what I've lost is the sports. It's time to 'on ramp' myself back into the stuff I have always loved (pick up basketball, racquetball, softball, football, hiking, etc.).

On a related subject, Stewart Venable sent out an excellent article entitled 'Difficult-Difficult, Difficult-Easy'. It talks about how we can do difficult things like CrossFit, but these things become easy to us after a while. For example, Fran is always going to be an incredible smoker, but after we've done it several times we know what to expect, thus it becomes a difficult-easy. On the other hand, doing a 50mile run/roadmarch event or joining the post swim club for me would be a difficult-difficult. The point is that we fail at the margins of our experience. So we need to increase our experiences.