Oct 8, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

We are going to talk programming this weekend for anyone who is interested.

Starting at the start we have the CrossFit theoretical programming template. Dave Castro builds on these ideas in a discussion about variance. Finally the main discussion on CrossFit programming is complemented by a theoretical approach to CrossFit Endurance programming.

Or for a different take consider CrossFit strength bias programming.


Neal said...

I've heard tomorrow's WOD is a CF Classic...would love to have a big crew to do it together in the morning.

I stopped by this afternoon and they said the gym would be open at 0800 tomorrow (Monday) morning. I'll be there...hope to see the rest of the crew as well.

George said...

no longer contagious, I'll be there as close to 8 as I can

Phil B said...

anyone down for a KB/ring variation?