Oct 22, 2010


'Amazing Grace'

30 Clean and Jerks for time (135/95)

Iron Major CrossFit will be participating in Barbells for Boobs on 23 Oct 10. Barbells for Boobs - also known as Amazing “Grace” began as a small, local fundraising event to help fund mammograms for the young women of Southern California who couldn’t afford one themselves. Just one year after the inaugural event, there are over 150 CrossFit Affiliates from all over the world participating in the 2010 Amazing “Grace” fundraiser.

0900 at Harney Gym - look forward to seeing you there for a worthy cause.


Rich said...

Scaled to 115; 4:14 I think I will try 125 next time. Good to see everyone this morning.

james said...

James Rxed 5:43 - first 20 split jerks was a mistake - they burn up some time. I am contemplating doing a retest on monday with the am crew. Don't hold me to that just yet.

Good turn out for a worthy cause - thanks to the Rob's girls for there help as well.

craigrr said...

Awesome morning for Grace; we had a small but motivated group and about 7 - 10 spectators; you can't go wrong with a worthy cause and a Sat morning WOD; did anyone get pictures? If anyone needs STRATCOM credit I'm sure a write up submitted to the Lamp would suffice

4:17 as Rx'd

Justin said...

Followed Rich and scaled to 115;5:20ish; weight was a good choice to polish up my technique

Rich, thanks for the coaching

James interesting comment on the split jerks, The majority of mine were split (it helps me remember to get under vs. just executing a push press), but that extra step back into the full lock-out stance seem to add a second+ per rep.

thatadchic said...

Thanks for putting this together! Had a great time for a amazing cause!

Jen B said...

Thanks to Dave for putting the event together. It was motivating!
I scaled to 65# and did split jerks also.
My legs were jelly on the last ten reps.

Matt H said...

Scaled to #115 and got 6:20

Dave said...

Rx'd at 4:41. For my first time doing it, not disappointed.

I'll be going down to Combat CrossFit to share the love again on the 30th, if anyone wants to join.

Thanks to everyone for the great motivation and hard work!